Final Project

Here are some of the Apps we use at Millgrove:

Haiku Deck

Used for Social Stories with children who require pre-teaching for a fieldtrip or cultural event


Great for learning Math for example going on a shape walk in and around the school and making a movie of those things that are similar

Endless Alphabet

This helps children learn the letters and build vocabulary at their own pace

Bad Piggies

This app allows students to use critical thinking, problem solving skills and cooperation

Number Rack

Here is an app that is open-ended and uses Base 10 beads.  We use is for “How many ways?”

Dolch Words

Students read the words, trace them and can complete a voice recording

Felt Board

Inspired by flannel boards, Felt Board is an app with hundreds of flannel pieces in digital form. It has enabled students to collaboratively  illustrate scenes from a story, and has inspired student writing as well. It’s great for use in a literacy station where students can create a picture and then write about that picture. The illustrations can be saved to the iPad’s photo roll, and is great fodder for beginning story-writing. 

Story Buddy 2

This user-friendly app enables beginning writers to publish their own polished, illustrated books. Students can include pictures from the iPad’s camera roll or from an internet search and even allows students to include an audio recording on the pages. The book can be saved as a PD and is a great way for students to showcase their writing and learning.

A-HA Moments with Social Media:

We see the value of Social Media to enhance our teaching by connecting us with fellow colleagues around the world.  We also see how articles are found and conveniently retweeted.  This cuts down the search time and links us directly to relevant information.

Sharing With Staff:

On the November PD day, we hosted Learning Leader iPad centers.  Staff was invited to explore the various apps and learn how different grade levels used this tool.  This hands on, interactive session was well received and more time was requested. 

In March, we hosted the Tri -School PD morning.  We supported our staff from the Tri-Schools at the tables by sharing how the iPad works in our classrooms.  We also shared apps that are our favorites when working with our early year students. 

During PLCs throughout the year, there was consistent collaboration at each grade level.  It was very helpful to have a learning learner represented from each grade to attend those meetings.



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