Leader in Learning!

The Learning Leader Project was definitely a great way for me to kick my own butt into using technology in a more productive and engaging way (and more often).  There is something to be said about linking some form of accountability with professional development; it certainly allows for more successful practice!

Some of my favourite apps that I’ve used in my Grade 5 classroom are; Haiku Deck, Google Drive, Dragon Dictation and my absolute favourite has been iMovie!  I mostly use Haiku Deck for students who struggle and are significantly behind their peers; we’ve used it to summarize a story, write about our feelings and to write reports.  With iMovie, we are finishing creating a “movie” for each student (by the end of the year) which is also posted to our classroom blog; these make great keepsakes for students/parents.

Using Twitter has been one of the most beneficial ways I’ve been able to connect with other teachers/educators.  It allows learning and sharing to flow any time of day, and the responses and information shared are quick and effortless.  If I had to recommend any form of social media to new and/or seasoned teachers, it would definitely be Twitter!

The sessions delivered to staff went well and included; an introduction to Google Docs/Drive (discussing and demonstrating its usefulness), user friendly iPad apps, and support to those just embarking on the rapidly changing and progressing world of technology!  Muir Lake School has been a leading school in technology for a while, so for many teachers much of this information was not new to them.  We are however, already seeing the huge benefits of using Google Drive/Docs and enjoying the convenience and continuity among the staff.

I am extremely thankful for being given the opportunity to have hands-on experience during the Learning Leader Project.  I will most certainly continue using technology in my classroom, and am far less apprehensive towards learning new technologies as the rewards are many!

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