Final Reflection

Although I haven’t enjoyed all of the apps that I have downloaded, some of my favourites are imotion for creating clay animation projects, and SolarSystem and Periodic Table for references.  My students each have their own favorite game apps for when they receive the ‘golden’ free time.  The app that I am interested in ‘getting to know better’ is ShowMe.  I am planning on adding a new section into my unit and lesson planning for apps and blog ideas.

This year I haven’t felt any ‘a-ha’ moments, but rather ‘I’m totally stealing that idea’ moments.  I love hearing from other teachers how they’ve applied technology into a lesson in their classroom, and feel proud when I apply it into my own instruction.  I’m always reminding myself to keep an open mind, and that students can also share those ideas and feel the same pride when a teacher applies their own app discovery or technology idea.


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