Final Learning Leader Reflections

The learning leader sessions have been interesting and always present tech savvy ways to engage students. It can be tough to get technology in the hands of all the students and get them on board to use it for specific learning purposes but they are more willing to try using anything that can be charged rather than a pen or pencil.

Some of the Apps that kids really connect with are the ones that work with their creativity. My students love videos and images and like to work with iMovie, Haiku Deck, and Show Me. At first, I was skeptical about using Google Drive and Google Docs as I didn’t see why they were necessary but I have since seen the benefits to the students and staff alike.

I guess you could consider my change of heart toward Google to be a bit of an a ha moment. My students were frustrated and unable to finish their essays on time and to my surprise many of them did not know how to attach a word document when emailing their work to themselves. It was Google Docs to the rescue! I felt tech savvy for one small moment when showing my students how to create a Google doc and talked to them about the benefits of it. I am starting to feel more confident with technology but still have a long way to go!

Through informal sessions I was able to talk with several teachers about the benefits of using Apps in teaching. We worked our way through the Google Drive, and focused on how to drag and drop videos and photos into the Google Drive folders for students to use. We were also able to use Dropbox to work with photos and play with the possibilities. Finally, we used Show Me to see if we could integrate the Smartboard like capabilities into core subject lessons.  Students love working with images and being able to draw pictures and record using the Show Me App. We are planning to integrate more and more technology into our lessons in the hope that we can engage student learning and diversify assessments.


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