Learning Leader Reflection

I have explored many apps during my learning leader year.  One of my favourites is haiku deck.  I love this one due to the simplistic nature of it.  It makes it easy for my grade 2s and 3s to use with minimal assistance.  It is a powerful tool for them to reflect on their learning as well as to teach others a topic.  I have also enjoyed zite.  There have been some excellent articles to read on zite to do with education and technology.  Through the use of zite, I have felt more comfortable with tweeting out articles which has helped me to be less of a lurker.

An aha moment for me was when I was using evernote.  This helped when I went to visit another school.  It helped me to take pictures as well as to add notes.  I was able to keep track of everything that I saw while on this visit.  It makes so much sense and it was so easy to do.  I also enjoyed the simple fact of google drive on the ipad.  It makes making and sharing documents so much easier and it’s right at your fingertips.

Bob and I did a presentation on our PD Day on May 10.  We presented haiku deck to the staff and it went really well.  The staff were engaged as they were able to make their own by creating 3 slides and could really see the benefit of using this app in the classroom.  We also presented the value of twitter.  We watched a video and had each person send a tweet on what they thought of our video to our new SPC hashtag (#spc70) which is newly created by Bob.  Even staff that are tech savy and enjoy twitter enjoyed this.  It went very well and it was great to show staff who were not familiar with this technology how it can be valued and how it does not take a great deal of time to do so.  Bob showed me how to use storify (another aha moment, would be great for presentations) and here is the storify of what our staff did while watching the video.

I will continue to explore the twitter world and hope to learn even more.





Student Blogging

I was scrolling through my twitter feed when I noticed a blog post by George Couros entitled 5 Reasons Your Students Should Blog.  It is a very important part off learning to have students partake in reflecting on their own learning.  Students can learn so much about how they learn, what they learn, and can even encourage the learning of others through the use of blogging.  My 2/3 classroom has a classroom blog to share what they have learned with each other and parents have the ability to subscribe to this blog and to take part in the conversations.  As my students are young and always very excited to use technology, the classroom blog was thrilling for them.  They are helping to write the posts and everyone puts their ideas in.  The problem we as a class are having right now is with parents.  It is very difficult to educate parents on the value of this activity, that it is safe, that a positive digital footprint is being created, and that it gives them the opportunity to interact with their child through a different venue.  I am struggling that most of my parents do not subscribe to this blog nor take part in the conversation despite a great deal of information going home and how positive it can be.  The love of this activity is dwindling because younger students want their parents to take part in their activity and want them to be involved.  I would love to hear how others get parents to buy in and to participate in blogging.


I am the master procrastinator when it comes to reflecting.  I am good with my own personal reflections but not with sharing them so this alone will be a challenge with the learning leader project.  I value technology and have gotten some very useful information from it.  I use twitter and have become better at contributing but this is still something that will take some time.  I love finding new and innovative ideas using technology but the biggest obstacle I face is time.  Whenever I am busy (hence the late reflection with report cards coming out), technology is always placed on the back burner and it usually takes awhile before I pick it back up again.  I hope to improve on this through this next chunk of time.