Learner Leader Final Post

Learner Leader Project was engaging as it was a hands on experience and that is how I learn best, just do it.
Zite, Show Me and Haiku Deck were definitely my favourite apps to use within my classroom.
As for A-ha moments, playing with the apps, and I am not a big fan on blogging and twitter, thinking no one really wants to hear what is happening in my world and also the privacy issue, however saying that I thoroughly enjoyed reading updated twitter comments from colleagues friends and family. Information sharing was immediate, someone posted a math website, math frog activities, which I use, and also local sharing of information was fun!
First sharing session for me was sharing Zite with Social teachers in my school. I loved the world news, current and also allowed students to gather information and have insight on what is happening in the world. With our current events part of our social studies curriculum, it was a fantastic app for students to use to find a real current event and also to try and understand the impact these events would have on us in Canada. Also broaden their world and make statements about happenings in the world, positive and devastating news events.
Second sharing session was Haiku Deck with Language Arts teachers. This worked well in the class, students love to have a picture to import as their background and then their visual thoughts became words on the page.
Show Me was a favourite for the students as they could share their strategies on how to solve Math problems, discuss and come up with a resolution.
The impact that these apps have had on our school is the teachers and students are now using them and engaged in learning. Independent learners have shown others how to prepare and accomplish tasks by using these apps. Peer teaching and sharing has been huge for their confidence and their sense of community. Students identify their style of learning and share with staff and fellow students. They have learned to use their devices to support their learning, not just a social media between friends. They are excited to give details of information that they have discovered to enrich the school day for all the class.
I have thoroughly loved learning to work with the ipad and to understand all of the value that the apps have to deepen learning in our classrooms with a few quick clicks.

Learner Leader

After taking time to work with my colleagues and students with the ipad, I realize what an endless tool this piece of technology is. I especially enjoyed using Zite with my students and fellow Social Studies teachers, the quicklist of World News, sports, travel and technology allowed students to immediately be up to date, to read information and share current events that are happening today.
Show Me was also useful for the students to show and share their strategies for solving Math Problems. They especially liked the audio as well as the visual.
Haiki Deck worked well to stimulate ideas by choosing a from a plethora of pictures to use as a background for their poem.
The ipad is an amazing learning tool and very teacher, student friendly.
Thanks George for your time and patience.