Learning Leader Final Project

I have enjoyed the learning leader project, learning many new apps that has benefited my teaching and learning of my students.  The first app I have found to be a great benefit for myself and students is Dropbox.  Dropbox is an app that allows you to store pictures, video and files on the cloud enabling you to obtain your files with any device you have Dropbox on.  Many students use it instead of using the school server to save their work which they can only access at school.  Students can place their projects and notes on Dropbox at school and work on them from home.  They can create notebooks to save their studies on and share their notes and projects with others.  The second app I really enjoyed is Google Drive.  Google drive is another web based app that allows you to work on Google docs efficiently with your ipad.  Google has many free programs that emulate software on regular PC’s such as word, excel, etc.  These programs can be used by any technology that you can access google chrome on.

Although I have seen the benefit of connecting with others through social media, Facebook and twitter, I have found that it take a lot of extra time.  For many people who spend much of their time on social media it might not be much of an issue.  I will still use social media in times when I feel it  may be useful in a situation but I can not currently see myself prioritizing Twitter or Facebook, however I do see the value in blogs with sharing information and learning as well as the positive influence commenting on learning through blogs with in the classroom setting.

I have shared learning and information with staff and students during PD days, after school meeting and classroom lessons.  Although these sessions have had a positive impact on students and staff the impact is stifled with the lack of technology.  The information giving in the sessions is found to be useful and exciting by others learning the new programs on the Ipad, or PC and teachers want to use their new knowledge.  It is not for lack of trying that teachers are not using their new knowledge, myself included, it is the lack of computers, Ipads, and technology that is hindering the progress of using the new knowledge in student learning.  I will continue to share and help others use technology in meaningful ways regardless of how much technology we have however there is so much potential waiting to be discovered in all of our classroom.

I have enjoyed learning leader and have found many programs to be very useful in my lessons and student learning.  I look forward to learning more.


Show Me

As a teacher I am continually searching and finding new material, lessons and experiments for my students, reading posts and pages, watch video and listen to audio. After all the time spent searching I usually conclude with a really good video. I know I learn much of my new material with videos. It seems that I benefit from watching videos and I know my students benefit and enjoy learning from videos, it seems logical that I would create videos for my students. Instead of taking notes, which does have it place, I think I would be more beneficial to watch a movie of a math problem being solved in live time with audio to review concepts and lessons. Although this seems difficult and time consuming it is actually quiet simple using the ShowMe App. The nicest part of this program is that it can be uploaded to our students Facebook page, and takes the stress out of being sick and missing class. Even better some of the best teachers are students. I think this would be a great way for my students to show their learning and share it with others. I am excited to start using it.

Haiku Deck

So often we tell students to write long paragraphs with many details to explain how they are feeling or to portray a story they would like to share.  The process of writing might be our goal for our students but if our goal is for the student to try to convey feeling or emotion maybe the skill of writing less can be taught with pictures.

We are all learning leaders

Today we learned the power of networking,  Twitter, Hootsuite and Zite were our tropics for the day.  Living a life of a teacher requires much thought and creativity in all aspects of my day, planning lessons, teaching lessons and maybe most importantly developing relationships with my students.  I learned that using these networking applications I can not only gather material for myself for personal PD, but I can network for my students learning.  The old cliche states that “two heads are better than one” than it would make sense that thousands of heads are better than two- in fact much better than two.

Having the ability to ask a question and within seconds have an answer from multiple people is great.  However I think I have to learn how to filter the information from all the multiple responses.  Seems like a better issue than having no answers at all.