Resources for Blogging

As blogging will be a component of the ‘Learning Leader’ program, here are some resources that may help you out:
  1. Blogging Prompts for Teacher Candidates – Google Docs
  2. Classroom Blogs and Blogging Ideas 
  3. 64 Interesting Ideas for Class Blog Posts
  4. Starting a Blog; 12 Ideas for Blog Posts
  5. The Truth About Blogging
  6. Beginner’s Guide to Creating a Blog
  7. Student Guidelines for Blogging
  8. Blogging bundle by Lyn Hilt
  9. 20 Ways To Get Ideas For Writing Blog Posts
If you are unsure of what to blog about, please just discuss any things you have learned during the duration of the project, or else questions that you may have of others.  The great part about a blog is that it is about learning together, not in isolation.
You should also take time to read this excellent Dean Shareski post entitled “How to Make Better Teachers” that talks about the merits of blogging.

One thought on “Resources for Blogging

  1. Thanks for the great sample student blogs and ideas for classroom blogs. This helps to take a bit of my blogging and blogfolio anxiety away way!

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