About the Learning Leader Project

As Parkland School Division moves forward with the Learning Leader project, we will consider building capacity with teachers in a few different areas:

  1. Mobile Devices in the Classroom
  2. Cloud Computing
  3. Personal Learning Networks

The purpose of the Learning Leader Project is to develop a cohort of people who are not only building understanding in these areas, but who are also leading their own staff in some professional development.  As “Learning Leaders”, this cohort will learn about these emerging technologies and help to identify ways that they can share this learning in a more open way with their respective colleagues. This helps to move beyond the idea of a “one size fits all” as these leaders in conjunction with their schools, can develop ideas of how to best develop these initiatives within their own school.

As this is the second year of the Learning Leader Project, all participants must be new to the program.

At the beginning of the project, learning leaders will be given a school division owned iPad to be used by them within their school.  It is necessary to understand that this is property of Parkland School Division, but is to be used mainly by the learning leader.  They are free to share this device with their own school staff members at their discretion.  Each school is entitled to one iPad.  Each school is encouraged to send extra participants but must provide an iPad for them.

Once the cohort begins, there will be 1 half day session (October 25th AM), 4 -1.5 hour sessions delivered throughout the year at 4-530 at the Center for Education and a sixth session that will be a full day session held on May 10.  The location is yet to be determined.  For the 1.5 hour sessions, participants will have an option for each session (either A or B).

All participants are expected to be at all sessions.

The sessions will be on the following topics but could be changed based on division need:

  1. iPads as personalized learning device and staff development.
  2. Blogging as digital portfolio and reflection tool.
  3. Using Twitter as a professional development tool.
  4. Social Bookmarking
  5. Mobile Devices
  6. Sharing ideas

At any time during the year, learning leaders will be expected to deliver two sessions to their own staff in consultation with their principal. This can be done on either a PD day to all or a portion of staff, or else could be delivered in short sessions after school.  This is left to the discretion of the learning leader in consultation with the school principal.

This year,participants will also be encouraged to deliver a session on the May 10 PD Day that will be opened to both PSD7o and outside participantrs.

Learning leaders will also be asked to blog a minimal amount (1-2 times per month) to share their learning, both ups and downs, to help build both an online and offline component for this cohort group.

Through this project, we plan to work based on the “Blended PLC” model where our learning is shared by one another, helping to build leadership capacity, while also helping to create opportunities for networked learning and self-directed professional development.  This is not about technology, although it will shape much of what we do.  This is about learning and we want to ensure that we give our staff opportunities to partake in ways to learn that we can also share with our students.

We look forward to sharing our learning with Parkland School Division and the world.

George Couros