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  1. Our School Council did an amazing thing! They asked for our input on how to spend money they had fundraised. We suggested an iPad for each classroom and our wish came true. Thank you to our School Council for supporting our technology journey and purchasing ten iPads for Millgrove School!

  2. What I have taken from session three. Trying to find ways to meet my student’s technology learning needs. It is difficult to get ahead of the revolution we are currently in. The challenge I face is time to explore, risk taking when exploring and knowing what to do if something goes wrong. This is the biggest frustration I have. I heard a quote from Kelli Holden that I need to keep repeating to myself: ‘Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle’. The video stated that we need to Create a messiness in order to move forward. It is very difficult to have enough courage to start the mess.

  3. I greatly appreciate this sharing of information. The ability to work through these resources at my own pace is brilliant!

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