Learning Leader Session 2 (November 28 or 29)

As the session begins, please sign in using this form.

As we continue to move forward in this program, you are starting to build a Personal Learning Network (PLN).  This is something that we have done with our colleagues for years, but now it can be further and more widespread, creating a more diverse network of learning.  Below is a great video to get you thinking about PLN’s:

We are going to focus on some tools today so that we can continue to utilize cloud technology and share our learning.

1. Dropbox – This is a great video on how to use Dropbox.  Dropbox can be on devices as well as your computer which makes sharing items quite easy.

2. HaikuDeck – Please create one image or presentation using this app that gives a summary of what you have learn from Will Richardson’s video.

We are also going to use Twitter for this session.

For the final part of the session, we are going to watch Dean Shareski’s video on “Sharing”.  While we are watching, please share any insights or comments that you have using the #psd70 hashtag.  This is a good practice to understand how students can use this technology to share learning and be more active participants in any lecture type sessions.

The video is below:

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding this or any other initiatives so far.

Between now and the next session, please write one blog post on something that you have either found helpful or challenging during this project.  If you want, you are more than welcome to share on any of the articles/videos below:

1.  How YouTube is Driving Innovation

2.  Banned in School

3.  The Time Question


Learning Leader Session 1 (October 25, 2012)

As the session begins, please sign in using this form.

Welcome to the Learning Leader Kick-Off, Session 1!  We want to make this useful to your learning and the year is going to be focused on developing in the three areas:

  1. Personal Learning Networks
  2. Cloud Computing
  3. Using Mobile Devices

The focus in these sessions is not foremost to become a better teacher, but to become a better learner, in the way that many of our students will learn in this time.  As you become more comfortable with what is being taught, please remember the requirements of this project:

  • 6 separate blog posts on this site over 6 months.
  • Teach 2 sessions on what you have learned to colleagues.
  • Attend all 6 sessions.
  • Use Twitter to learn and participate.

This exemplifies the old adage of “…teach a man to fish..” We want to use technology to focus on how we learn, and how we can connect with one another.

Here are two visuals that are guidelines for the work that we will be doing:

cc licensed ( BY NC SD ) flickr photo shared by gcouros

cc licensed ( BY NC SD ) flickr photo shared by gcouros

We will look at how we share and create information over the next few months.

Here is the agenda for today’s session:

1.  Using Twitter – As you all have have completed your pre-work for today’s session, we will be using Twitter to connect and learn.  Please refer to this Twitter Tutorial for the first part of the morning.

We will also be looking at the “Hootsuite” app and how it can be used to manage multiple streams of information.

After completion of the tutorial, we will watch this Ted Talk by Seth Godin.  Please tweet out any thoughts that you have to the #PSD70 hashtag:

2. Blogging for sharing ideas – As a component of this professional development, each participant is expected to blog at least once after each session (6 in total) minimum.  All of you will have received a blog username and password if you have not already use the psdblogs site.  Below is a tutorial on both classroom blogging and blogging as a portfolio:

Blogging Tutorial

Please go to the psdblogs site to logon and you will be shown how to write your first post.

If time permits…

3.  Sharing and learning using ZiteZite is a great app to help find more information while also being able to share your learning.  It is simple yet has a far reach.

Blogging ideas for your first post:

As you are required to blog after this first session, here are some ideas of what you can write about (or a combination of any):

  • Big questions that you have moving forward
  • What did you learn the first session?
  • Apps that you love.
  • Any “pushback” to “why do we need to learn this?”
  • Anything related to learning, either yours or your students.

Looking forward to your first posts!!!!

Prep: Learning Leader Program: Session 1

We are looking forward to our first cohort session for the Learning Leader program starting on either November 30 or December 1 (depending on your preference).  As discussed in the first post, please ensure that you have the following completed:


  1. Set up a Twitter account.
  2. Set up an “Evernote” account.
  3. Read the following blog post: The Blended PLC.  This will be the model of this group.  There is a blogging component.
  4. Fill out this survey when you are done the above 3 steps: Learning Leader Survey

As the focus of this program is to build towards becoming a networked teacher, a lot of our time will be spent creating our own digital identity, and having an opportunity to connect with educators all over the world to build a Professional Learning Network (PLN).  Below is a diagram of the “Networked Teacher”:

cc licensed ( BY NC SD ) flickr photo shared by courosa


Although some of our work will be using the iPad, it is not the “focus” of the program.  With that being said, please bring both your iPad and a laptop to the first session.

Below is the (planned) agenda for Session 1 (4-5:30):

    1. Introductions
    2. Using Evernote (iPad)
    3. Writing a blog post on the “Learning Leader Blog”
    4. Twitter (if time)

You will be sent some information prior to arriving to the session to login to the Learning Leader blog.  Please ensure that you keep that email so that you are able to contribute to the blog.

I am very excited about this opportunity. If you are interested, I encourage you to look at this Dean Shareski video on “Sharing” that has made a huge impact on my own learning. Again, this is optional, but it is definitely worth the time to watch.

If you have any questions that you feel may be applicable to the whole group, please feel free to write them in the comment section.

See you next week!