I am reflecting on what I think is a pretty cool idea.  Well, at least for me it seems pretty cool. Being pretty new to the profession of teaching I have so much to learn and am so excited that I have been soaking up every tidbit of information about education I can get my hands on. I am lucky enough have some amazing mentors in my corner.  I am connected to some great professional learning communities online through sites like Twitter, Ted Talks, Zite, and Pinterest.  I have deep philosophical discussions with friends and colleagues that are just as passionate about this stuff as I am.  I have read articles and blogs from some of the best educators in the world.  I share the really good ideas with my friends or on twitter or in emails.  Once and awhile there is even a heated debate on a topic that gets me pretty fired up. All these things engage me, they create an incredible learning environment for me and they fuel the passion I feel for my profession as an educator and as a lifelong learner.

In fact, the more I sit here and reflect on it, the more its seems pretty simple and why I never made this connection until today is beyond me. Why are we not engaging our students, our communities and our families the same way?  Sharing knowledge and skills will make huge impacts on our students’ learning and the only way to share is to connect to someone.  Sharing what happens in our classrooms by connecting with families will create discussions at home that are similar to the ones students are having at school. Making our students’ work public and connecting them to a real audience will provide purpose, engagement and excitement.  Creating communities of student experts and connecting them with their peers builds leaders and mentors. It all boils down to connecting learners with each other.  It really does not matter how they connect its just important that connections are made; the more connections made the faster and deeper the learning will be. It is this exact reason why social media is such a great learning tool.

The biggest reason I am starting to blog is to find another way to connect.  I want to connect with other educators so I can learn and share with them, I want to connect with students so that they can see how and what I have been learning, and I want to connect with parents so they can see why their child is so excited about a school project.  The connections I have made with people over the last few years have taught me so much and I am so grateful for what I have gained. It is only fair that we connect our students to this way of learning as well.

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