Hook ME or Lose ME

Attention span is defined as the “the amount of time that a person can concentrate on a task without becoming distracted.” Many studies have shown that people will only be able to maintain concentration for no longer that 8 seconds. This is known as focused attention.”Focused attention is a short term response to stimuli that attracts attention.” To simply explain this definition, think about all the different stimuli that people experience every day, every hour, every minute. It can be overwhelming and impossible to think about all the little details/ stimuli that people experience with their senses throughout the day. Thankfully, the human brain is able to sustain knowledge and information that we receive by processing it into short or long-term memory. A lot of research has shown that adult’s attention span is no more than 20 minutes on average, while infants at the age of 2 have an attention span of 5 minutes. Why is this information so important to educators around the world? As we continue to advance in the technological 21st century; if educators can not hook a child or teen into learning, than attention will be lost!

A recent blog post has suggested the importance of making sure students are engaged with their work. No matter the topic, if the students were not invested in their project, they were not invested in their learning. Simply put, they didn’t care about it. Apathy can be a daily struggle for many teachers. Investments for students are short term.(sometimes only 8 seconds) Therefore, this knowledge is a powerful tool for teachers to more effectively engage their students? I was inspired to write about this topic because my personal experience of losing interest in my learning when I didn’t understand or as a youth into the lesson. I truly believe using this knowledge is crucial to ensure students are engaged in their learning. To read more about engaging students in the classroom, read the following article that inspired me to respond to this topic.