Haiku Deck for Dyslexia?

I have to admit, when I was first playing around with Haiku Deck, I found myself thinking, “I am not sure how I am going to make this useful in my classroom,”…even with the examples given.  However, I knew that with some thought and patience, it would come to me.  And it did, I have a student in my class with Dyslexia, he is in grade 3 and struggles with books at beginning grade 1 level.  He tries his best to learn, and is actually very intelligent, the frustration he feels absolutely breaks my heart!  I have been using the Dragon Dictation App and been having some success with it in his writing, but it is still important he learn basic words so that he can improve his reading ability.  I chose to create a Haiku Deck for all of the basic words needed to go on in reading that he is missing.  I searched the word, and chose an appropriate picture to go with the word (careful, many inappropriate pictures came up for some words).  My hope is that he will learn these words in a way that makes sense to him and apply that learning to other reading that he does.  I don’t know what the outcome will be, but I do know what the outcome would be if we didn’t try.  Thanks George, you gave me one more tool for my special little guy!



Learning Leader Session 2

I have basically become obsessed with Haiku Deck. It is such a creative way to create presentations, and would be so easy for my grade two students to use!

I created the presentation above as a reflection to watching Dean Shareski’s video at the session this evening. In watching the video there were a number of ideas that stuck out with me, the most important being sharing.  I am a firm believer in sharing resources and am always willing to share my resources, assignments, and ideas with colleagues at school. However, after thinking about the video I am excited to start sharing  my ideas with others online through blogging…and yes, you guessed it…Twitter! Like George said tonight, you can’t just take pennies from the “take a penny leave a penny” dishes at stores, you need to give as well. So, how can one expect to just take resources from online without sharing their own online?  I am excited to start expanding my sharing outside of the school! 🙂