Grade Three Swimming Lessons

Hurray, finally the information for our grade three swimming lessons has arrived.  Please be on the look out for the sheet coming home with your child tonight as there is a relatively quick turn around on the need for it to be returned. Our class and Mrs. Schultie’s class will be going to the Stony Plain Outdoor Pool (yes it’s heated) from June 19 to 23 and swimming from 1 to 2. They will be taking actual swim lessons not just having free swim.  All of the information is on the sheet coming home tonight.  Parents are welcome to come and watch anytime!  If you have any questions, please drop me a note or an e-mail. Payment is to be cheques made out to Parkland School Division or online.

Jump Rope for Heart

Hi there!

We are currently raising money for the Heart and Stroke foundation through an event called Jump Rope for Heart.  We would like to acknowledge all the people who have donated money to your cause!  We are asking that students collect the names of the people from whom they have collected donations.  They will be writing these names on paper hearts and we will be posting them on our Jump Rope bulletin board. If possible, please send the names associated with each donation to your child’s teacher so that we may display them with gratitude!
Muir Lake Leadership


We have begun our multiplication unit in math.  Just for a heads up, everyone in the class has two sheets of math for tonight, practicing the strategy of repeat addition.  These sheets should not take a long time and are expected back on Tuesday, May 9.  Thank you for supporting your child’s learning.

For Your Information

Well this month is shaping up to be busy indeed!

May 1–Music Monday 9:00–all welcome

May 3–Jump Rope for Heart assembly

May 4–Unit Test on Fractions

May 11  Kinnie Starr performing for K – 5

May 12–Talent show

May 15–Band performing for school in afternoon

And that’s just the first half!


Unit Six Math Test

We are aiming to have our math unit test on Wednesday, April 19.  This focuses on three digit addition and subtraction. We will continue with review activities on Tuesday but students are encouraged to take their books home over the weekend to review.  Strategies we have worked on included using number lines, adding hundreds, tens and ones, relating addition to subtraction and regrouping.  Practice with the basic facts is so important for this developing this skill with higher numbers.

Measurement Unit Math Test

We are trying to have our unit 5 linear measurement quiz next week on Wednesday, March 15.  Some ways to practice with your child are to have them estimate distances and then measure them.  Sound simple?  It is.  This is a skill that requires hands on and attention to detail.  Grade three works with the standard measurements of centimeters, meters, and a combination of the two of these.  This is a great chance to measure how tall everyone in the family is and then as preparation for more adding and subtracting, find the differences, and compare them from shortest to longest etc.  Have fun!

Valentine’s Day Activity

February  1, 2017

Our grade 3 classroom will be involved in a small celebration of friendship on Tuesday, February 14.  Students are welcome to bring Valentines (either homemade or purchased) to exchange on that day.  To ensure that no one is accidentally missed, I have provided a list of names of children in the class on the bottom of this sheet. Please encourage your child to write the Valentine names on their own cards.  This is a great way to encourage your child to be practicing their new skill of cursive writing!

We will also be making sundaes in the afternoon and need the items listed beside the following names to be brought on Tuesday, Feb. 14.  If this creates a problem, please let me know BEFORE the 14th so alternate arrangements can be made.

  • 1 pail vanilla ice cream- Sean
  • 1 pail vanilla ice cream-Nicholas
  • 2 cans whipping cream-Brendan
  • 1 jar strawberry syrup or real frozen strawberries-Kole
  • 1 container chocolate syrup-Haylee
  • 1 container caramel or butterscotch-Cole
  • various toppings eg. Sprinkles, choc. chips, gummy bears, tiny smarties etc. ( the wider the selection we have, the yummier our sundaes)-,-please bring two or three different kinds-be creative!! —Hunter, Harrison N, Chris, Rowan, Taylor


Each child should also bring an extra drink to enjoy with their sundae.

Any questions?  Please give me a call or drop me a note.


Thank you,

L. Wagner


Class Names

Logan, Chanel, Chris, Jameson, Nicholas, Chelsea, Taylor,, Harrison F., Hunter, Haylee, Kole, Niamh, Jack, Brendan, Brooke, Harrison N., Rowan, Sean, Gabby, LoganLee, Cole, Brant, Victoria