Measurement Unit Math Test

We are trying to have our unit 5 linear measurement quiz next week on Wednesday, March 15.  Some ways to practice with your child are to have them estimate distances and then measure them.  Sound simple?  It is.  This is a skill that requires hands on and attention to detail.  Grade three works with the standard measurements of centimeters, meters, and a combination of the two of these.  This is a great chance to measure how tall everyone in the family is and then as preparation for more adding and subtracting, find the differences, and compare them from shortest to longest etc.  Have fun!

Valentine’s Day Activity

February  1, 2017

Our grade 3 classroom will be involved in a small celebration of friendship on Tuesday, February 14.  Students are welcome to bring Valentines (either homemade or purchased) to exchange on that day.  To ensure that no one is accidentally missed, I have provided a list of names of children in the class on the bottom of this sheet. Please encourage your child to write the Valentine names on their own cards.  This is a great way to encourage your child to be practicing their new skill of cursive writing!

We will also be making sundaes in the afternoon and need the items listed beside the following names to be brought on Tuesday, Feb. 14.  If this creates a problem, please let me know BEFORE the 14th so alternate arrangements can be made.

  • 1 pail vanilla ice cream- Sean
  • 1 pail vanilla ice cream-Nicholas
  • 2 cans whipping cream-Brendan
  • 1 jar strawberry syrup or real frozen strawberries-Kole
  • 1 container chocolate syrup-Haylee
  • 1 container caramel or butterscotch-Cole
  • various toppings eg. Sprinkles, choc. chips, gummy bears, tiny smarties etc. ( the wider the selection we have, the yummier our sundaes)-,-please bring two or three different kinds-be creative!! —Hunter, Harrison N, Chris, Rowan, Taylor


Each child should also bring an extra drink to enjoy with their sundae.

Any questions?  Please give me a call or drop me a note.


Thank you,

L. Wagner


Class Names

Logan, Chanel, Chris, Jameson, Nicholas, Chelsea, Taylor,, Harrison F., Hunter, Haylee, Kole, Niamh, Jack, Brendan, Brooke, Harrison N., Rowan, Sean, Gabby, LoganLee, Cole, Brant, Victoria







Unit 3 Math Test

The unit three math quiz is on Monday, January 30.  Students have been encouraged to take their duo-tangs home to review.  Please ask your child about the various strategies we have worked on to add and subtract two digit numbers.  These include using the hundreds chart, adding tens and ones and regrouping, along with many more. A few minutes each night practicing these  may be helpful.

Please help your child return their books Monday so we can keep learning!  Thank you!

Welcome Back!

Happy New Year!  I hope everyone had a terrific holiday.  I wish you all the best for the new year and all of the years that follow!

Some FYI’s:

Book orders have been sent home today.  If your family wishes to order, please make sure you return the information to me by Monday, January 16.  Please do not send cash to school.  Payment should either be online or by cheques made out to Scholastic.

No spelling test tomorrow.  Our next list words will be home on Wednesday.

It is very cold out when the wind chill is factored in.  Please help by insuring your child is dressed warmly. This means toques, mitts, scarves, boots,heavy jackets and ski pants. Buses and cars don’t always work well in these temperatures and it is so important that your child is safe.

Good luck with all of the resolutions you may have made!

Report Cards are Home Tonight

Just a reminder to be on the lookout for your child’s report cards.  I have asked the students not to open them before they are with you.  I would encourage you to read them together and discuss the highs and the lows. Asking what your child thinks they do very well and what they would like to improve at is a good discussion. Report cards are a great base mark from which to grow.  Discussing ways with your child they can improve for the next one is a positive response to all reports.  Having your child set a goal and having them write it down and hang it on the fridge is a good way to keep track.  An example would be:

I would like to get better at ______________________.  I could do this by ______________________. I would ask ___________ to help me with this goal.

I would like to get better at reading instructions.  I could do this by highlighting the key words.  I could practice this at home and have mom or dad check it to see if I am highlighting the key words.It is important to not get carried away with setting too many goals!  One or two is sufficient.  Remember to be proud of how hard your child is working.  This shows them you value their effort and their learning!

Please remember to return the envelope to me !

Sock Exchange

Our grade three class will be participating in a Christmas sock exchange on Thursday, December 22. Students need to purchase a pair of socks for this activity!  Yes…socks!  They can be fun, dressy, goofy, Christmas themed, for a boy or a girl, etc.  The fun part of this activity is that every student  will end up with a cool, new pair of socks.  Every child is included and receives the same type of “present”, with no hurt feelings/disappointment. This is a fun activity for our class!  Please have your child’s socks in to the school (wrapped, with no names) by December 19th, 2016

                                  Image result for free clipart socks

Even more FYI’s!!

Friday, Dec. 2 is our last day at the Tri.  Students are swimming and participating in land activities.  We will be leaving at about 11:30 and returning by home time.  Parents are welcome to meet us at the Tri!

Monday, Dec. 5 is our math test on unit two, numeration.  Students are encouraged to bring home their workbooks to review on Thursday and/or Friday.  Please help them to return these items on Monday!  Thank you.

Dec. 5 to 9–Candy Grams are on sale for 50 cents a piece.  Students can send one to their friends.  This is a voluntary activity  and is put on by the Leadership Option.