February Highlights


February is shaping up to be a very busy month already!! Please welcome Ms. Amanda Blakeman. She is a Student Teacher that will be completing her first practicum with us beginning in March. She has already been into our classroom once to meet us and will be back again for one more observation before officially starting.

We will be integrating some new technology from Parkland’s Mobile Learning Initiative into our Fridays. Right now, students are using “BeeBots” and “BlueBots” to learn sequencing, estimation and problem-solving, all important precursor skills for coding. Here is a link to two videos that have already been posted onto Parkland School Division’s Mobile Learning Initiative site.


February 7 was a day to remember at Seba Beach School. We completed Jump Rope for Heart during our morning DPA. Then, we celebrated Global Play Day http://www.globalschoolplayday.com/ and ended the day with our Winter Walk http://www.saferoutestoschool.ca/winter-walk-day/.

Here are just a few pictures from the EPIC day.


Giant snow piles are amazing!!!

Crawling across a snowy log



Snow swimming. Oh yes, it was cold and it was SOOOO much fun!!

Games we shared with our Houses after lunch


Hula Hoop Relays

Pylon Concentration

Human Hungry Hippo


A perfect end to a fabulous day.


Yummy!! Hot chocolate and banana bread.


Here is a quick snapshot of what we have in store for the rest of the month.

Language Learning – we will be reading Fairy Tales and Fractured Fairy Tales this month. Home Reading will continue to be exchanged on Fridays. We will continue to study word families and making words. We will continue to build our sight words vocabulary as well.

Math – we will be focusing on number sense and computation (both addition and subtraction). We will continue to work through open-ended problems where more than one solution is possible and encouraged. We will also introduce estimation.

Science – we will be exploring the topic of ‘Hot and Cold Temperatures’.

Health – we will continue on our journey of ‘Mindfulness’ and explore emotions.

On Wednesday, February 14 we will be joining with Mrs. Schumm’s class as well as Mrs. Sajjad’s grade 5 students to celebrate Valentine’s Day. A note should have gone home with your child on February 7th. It included the names of all of the students in our class. A link to the note is here as well for those who may have misplaced it.

Please remind your children to dress appropriately (i.e, toque, mitts, snow pants, winter boots and warm winter jackets) for our Winter Weather. It makes for much more enjoyable recesses and ‘Woodsy Wednesdays’.

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January Highlights – Literacy Week and Showcase


Where does the time go?! January was an incredibly busy month!! We spent a significant amount of time in Language Learning focusing on the elements of a story, i.e., character, setting, beginning, middle and end. During Literacy Week, we created our own version of a story called “The Sock” which was an adaptation of the well-known story “The Mitten”. We made story maps with our own characters. With the help of Mr. Chiles’ 7/8 class, they helped us share our stories by putting all of our ideas down on paper or into google slides. These were on display for parents and guests to see and hear during our Literacy Showcase afternoon. Yes, our hand drawn characters are inside each of those socks!!



We were also able to collaborate with a local artist and friend Carrie Saur who shared her love of literature and art with us. Her inspiration came from Michael Arvaarluk Kusugak’s beautiful book “Northern Lights The Soccer Trails”.

We began our morning listening to Mrs. Schumm read the story to us all.

Next, along with Mrs. Schumm’s 3/4 class, we all piled into the Art Room to try our hands at a ‘Dirty Cup Pour’.



Then we went outside to play snow soccer – too bad it couldn’t have been under the Northern Lights like it was in the story!!



Each and every creation of the Northern Lights was spectacular and unique not to mention a whole bunch of fun!! We had these on display at the Literacy Showcase as well. Thank you Carrie for sharing your passion with us! We would love to have you come back again soon.



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The Last Few Days Before Christmas


We worked so incredibly hard on gifts for our families in the last few days of school. Here are just a few pictures of us as busy as little elves.


Learning how to braid


Whew!! That was hard work. Time to enjoy some s’mores by the fire!! Yummy


Reading our letters from Santa in our PJ’s

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Gingerbread House STEM Community Challenge


Here’s what you get when you mix cardboard, graham crackers, icing and candy with a whole lot of collaboration and creativity. What a cool community we created!! #2017GingerbreadSTEMCommunity



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December Updates


Wow!! The month has flown by! I can’t believe how much fun we have had together. Here are just a few of the highlights:


We had an amazing afternoon of physical literacy in the beautiful sunshine with the grade 3/4’s! The snowball that they made was ABSOLUTELY EPIC!! So big that it took a lot of teamwork to get it to move.





Inline Skating

Huge thank you to Shelby from Alien Inline for teaching us so many cool new things about inline skating. The improvements from our first time on inline skates was absolutely amazing. Almost as though we were at a Roller Derby.


Woodsy Wednesday Fun!

Each Wednesday, we venture down to the woods for our DPA with the grade 3/4’s. We have had fun exploring the woods, checking up on Squirrel Village, finding cool treasures like lichen on fallen tree branches, hibernating and camouflaging in the woods and using our imaginations to make houses, campfires and so much more. Thanks for dressing your child appropriately so that they can maximize our favourite time of the week.




Language Learning

We have been very busy during Language Learning. We have been making story maps and completing book reviews – examining story elements such as character, setting, the beginning, middle and end of stories, as well as our favourite parts.

We have been participating in guided reading groups with the assistance of Ms. Bell and Mrs. Thomsen.

We have introduced a new word family (phonogram or “chunk”) weekly. Each phonogram will have a book or word wheel which will accompany it depending on your child’s grade. Learning phonograms help us to become better readers and spellers by helping us to decode unfamiliar words as well as generate new words.

We have also completed a “Making Words” lesson each week which has also come home with your child. Making words is a cool way to ‘play with’ or manipulate letters and sounds to make new words – an essential skill to becoming able to decode as well as build words.

Our Home Reading Program is in full swing. Trade days are Fridays. Your child should have 4-6 books in their home reading bag. One or two should be familiar books that they can use to practice their fluency, phrasing, intonation and comprehension. The new books that they receive each week should help them use their decoding skills/strategies – looking at the first letter and making that sound, looking for word families/chunks, looking at the pictures for clues, skipping the word and coming back to it, etc. Thank you for reading with your child for 15 minutes daily!!!

Flashlight Friday Pictures



We have been exploring numbers to 10 (grade 1) and 20 (grade 2). We have talked about equality and inequality in equations. We have been practicing a very important Addition Strategy “Making Ten” – i.e., 5+5, 6+4  or 4+6, 3+7 or 7+3, 2+8 and 8+2 and 1+9 and 9+1 as well as all of the three and four digit combinations that add up to ten as well. We have been exploring repeating patterns and talked about what makes a pattern: it repeats, is predictable, and has two or more elements in the core. Grade 2 students will also be looking at growing patterns. We have also been practicing our skill of visualization through Quick Draw and reinforcing our knowledge of geometry terms.



We have begun our exploration of Magnets. We have talked about what we think we know and asked questions about what we want to know. We have explored the 3 different types and talked about how they become weak and how they stay strong. We have made predictions about tested materials to see if they are magnetic. as always there are a few surprises. Our study of magnets will wrap up in January.


Gingerbread STEM Challenge

Exciting news!! Our whole school will be participating in a STEM challenge that has us answering the following question: “What goods and services are found in a thriving community?” Planning began in our Houses today and building will begin this Thursday, December 14 – all afternoon. We are hoping to have the majority of our community construction complete and on display in the gym for you to enjoy the night of December 19th (Christmas Concert). A note will be going home with your child in regards to materials we are looking for. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

For more information, please go to http://gingerbreadstemcommunity.weebly.com/

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Alien Inline Skating Dates – November 8, December 7 & 8







We are so fortunate to have Alien Inline Skating back at Seba Beach School this year. If your child has their own helmet, please have them bring it to school on these dates. Also, clean dry socks are a must!!! Stay posted as I will try my best to share some pictures and maybe even some short videos with you.

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Learning Conversations


Thank you to all who were able to make it in this evening to chat about where your child is at. We still have one more evening tomorrow from 5-8 pm and I still have spaces to fill. Please use the following link to register for Parent Teacher Interviews http://sebabeach.schoolappointments.com/ OR phone Sharon Shave at the school at 780-797-3733 and she will be sure to fit you in.



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Happy Halloween Everyone



Wishing everyone a safe and happy Halloween!

A quick note of thanks to many today. First, a big thank you goes out to our Leadership Students and Mr. Chiles for a fantastic morning of centres. Well done!! Second, thank you to our Grade 9 buddies for helping us to create our first blog post about a Halloween Cinquain Poem. And finally, thank you also to Jessie and Elizabeth, Isabella, Deagan and Carell for our yummy snacks this morning. Fun was had by all!!

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Making Words Monday


Today your child should have came home with a white sheet of paper as well as some small blue pieces of paper (5 or 7 depending on which sheet they have) that each have a letter on them. Ask your child why some letters are red (vowels) and some are in pencil (consonants). We use this activity at school to “play” or manipulate letters and their corresponding sounds to make words. These sheets are for you to keep. Allow your child to stretch out the sounds as they manipulate/spell the words. Please practice making words with your child at home.

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Halloween STEM Challenge – Wings Wanted


Today we were given a STEM challenge called “Wings Wanted”. Special thanks goes out to @kerrtrac #KTSTEMChallenge for the lesson ideas. With Halloween around the corner, we figured it would be fun to create our own ‘Bat Wings’ (which look an awful lot like a paper airplane). Students were first given a quick lesson on how to make a paper airplane (because most of us weren’t quite sure how). Next, they were given a single piece of paper and a copy of a bat body to use. They were allowed scissors if they chose to use them and tape to fasten the bat body to the wings. The constraints were the following: only use the materials provided, the bat body must be attached to the wings and a time limit of 20 minutes. If finished early, they could decorate their bat’s wings. Here are just few of the finished products.

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