The Mobile Learning Initiative

As Parkland School Division continues to explore the use of iPads in the classroom, we would like to provide support to teachers in using these devices as tools for learning with students within their classroom.  Parkland School Division will provide sets of 10 iPads that teachers/schools may use for 1-month increments within the classroom.  They can be used by individual classroom teachers or preferably, in conjunction with other classes.  

These iPads are meant to be used directly with student learning.

As part of this initiative, teachers must meet some requirements:

  1. Participate in 1-2 hours of inservicing on the use of iPads.  In this process, potential learning opportunities will be identified, as well as discussion of general maintenance of the iPads within the classroom. Criteria for app selection will also be discussed.
  2. Participate and organize 2-3 classroom visits with the division principal to share what is happening in the classroom with iPad use.
  3. Write 4 short blog posts on the following topics:
  • Week 1 (What your expectations/plans are for the iPads?)
  • Week 2 (Reflection of the work being been done with students)
  • Week 3 (Reflection/Favourite apps so far)
  • Week 4 (Final thoughts/positives/negatives/summary/ extent of success in addressing the  intended learning outcomes/unintended results)

It is important that all use of the iPads in the classroom ties into Alberta Education curriculum as well as aligns with Parkland School Division goals and initiatives.

Application Process

To be a part of the program, teachers must apply directly to the Division Principal of Parkland School Division with a short application on how they plan to implement the iPads within their classroom, with a preferred month of use.  Teachers may apply, and are encouraged to submit applications with other teachers in their school.

(The application process is still in the planning stages as we are working with one pilot school.)

Due to limited iPad availability, applicants will be chosen based on the following selection criteria:

  • strength of project’s alignment with curriculum and PSD goals and initiatives
  • extent of support for student learning- What will be accomplished with the iPad that couldn’t otherwise be accomplished?
  • strategic plan to share across the division

We are looking forward to sharing the results of this process as it continues to move forward.  Please feel free to share any learning

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