Week 3&4 At Blueberry

Our class has continued to use the iPads for nearly each class. One downside is the poor connection they devices have had to the school wifi. Uploading pictures and videos to Google Drive or a blog is often not available, and there are times when having all 19 students online is troublesome. However, as you will see below, the many opportunities make it worthwhile to work around wifi issues.

Students have been taking them to music where they have explored Garage Band to compose, play and record music. Playbacks have been handy for self evaluations and judging where improvements can be made.

Google Drive is still the most used app. All notes, assignments, rubrics and other information has been shared digitally. As a result, we have become virtually paperless. Unfortunately, tables within a doc and Google presentations can only be viewed on the iPads and not edited. We have been able to work around this by transferring any tables into a spreadsheet and linking them the necessary documents. Apps like Haiku Deck have allowed students to create a slide presentation outside of Drive. Students were, however able to present their computer edited Genius Hour slides using their iPad.

As part of our Science unit wrap up students collaborated through Google Drive to create their own multiple choice questions. These where then shared with me and I was able to use Google Forms to build an online test for the class. This worked great on the iPads.

One of the highlights was when the class use an app called Fairy Tale to create their own interactive digital book. This app has a collection of fairy tales that are already made (some are an additional purchase). All of the characters and setting images are available to use when creating a new book. We read the version of the Boy Who Cried Wolf that was pre-loaded in the app, then came up with ways to fracture the tale. I was extremely impressed with the creativity that my students showed using this app.

In Science, students created an electrical safety poster using Pic Collage. They were able to take pictures, draw, use the app stamps, and add text to help show what to avoid when dealing with electricity.

Virtual Manipluatives is a popular app in math. We are currently studying fractions and decimals. This app allows students to switch between using fraction tiles or circles to represent and model fractions, decimals and percents. There is a workspace, as well, that the user can write and draw on to show and explain their thinking.

Next up: Show Me, Genius Hour Journals, Geddit, and Canadian Explorer News Report!

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  1. Shannon,

    It sounds like you and your students are benefiting from opportunity to learn through this technology and solving problems as they arise. We are definitely working on trying to alleviate some of the wifi issues too 🙂

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