Virtual Reality



Teachers and students require access to an iOS device (iPod, iPad, iPhone with iOS 10+). Virtual Reality apps (such as those below) will need to be installed. These VR apps hold a lot of data. One can use a VR headset with the mobile device in VR/Google Cardboard mode OR you can use an iPad (or smaller device) in regular mode.



VR Tours Google Spreadsheet for K-12
  • Find out more details on a specific Google Expedition HERE.



  • 360 YouTube videos
  • 360 Heros – (iOS) video library
  • VR Air Race – (iOSAndroid)
  • Anatomyou VR – (iOS, Android) human body systems
  • Boulevard – visit some of the best art museums
  • Cleanopolis – fight climate change
  • Discovery Education 360
  • Discovery VR – (iOS, Android)
  • Dive city Rollercoaster – (iOS, Android)
  • Froggy VR – (iOS)
  • GermBuster VR – (iOS, Android) – clean up pesky germs.
  • Google Cardboard – (iOS, Android)
  • Google Expeditions – (iOS, Android) (If using the Teacher and Student Expeditions, you must use the AirPlay WiFi in PSD70. Other school divisions may have a different guest WiFi or require the use of a router, please check with your own IT department.)
  • Google Street View – (iOS, Android) – explore world landmarks, discover natural wonders, step inside museums, arenas, restaurants, etc.
  • Goosebumps VR – (iOS, Android) – help R.L. Stine escape the Praying Mantis.
  • Goosebumps Night of Scares – (iOS, Android) survive a night in R.L. Stine’s house filled with his most famous monsters.
  • InCell VR – (iOS, Android) action mixed with bioscience
  • inVR for Google Cardboard – (iOS, Android) – a platform for sharing VR experiences. View some of the best VR Art from creators around the world.
  • InMind VR – (iOS, Android) allows the player to experience the journey into a brain.
  • im 360
  • Jurrasic VR – (iOS, Android) – learn about the history of dinosaurs and explore a rich VR world.
  • Just Cause 3 – (iOS, Android) experience flying in a windsuit above the Mediterranean islands of Medici.
  • KingTut VR – (iOS) audio and virtual tour.
  • Liftoff VR – (iOS, Android) – launch a rocket into space along with the added challenge of landing the booster rocket back on a drone ship after successfully deploying a satellite.
  • Mars Walk VR – (iOS, Android) fun, interactive and educational tour of the red planet.
  • Mobile VR Station – view your pics, panoramas, videos and files projected onto a virtual screen floating in space.
  • Nearpod VR $$
  • NYT VR – (iOS, Android) VR films by NY Times journalists.
  • Orbulus – delve into large selections of places and scenes.
  • VR Roller Coaster (Android)
  • RYOT – go around the world and learn about new cultures and regions
  • Sea World VR2 – (Android) see the inside of the ocean as a diver..
  • Sisters: A VR Ghost Story – (iOS, Android)
  • Sites in VR – explore famous landmarks
  • Solar System VR – (iOSAndroid) fly through our solar system
  • Star Chart – (iOS, Android) stargazing
  • The Hidden Worlds of the US National Parks
  • Time Looper – (iOS, Android) brings historical moments to life by transporting the viewer to the past.
  • Titans of Space – (Android) guided tour of space
  • Unimersiv
  • VR Mars – (Android) first person VR game about Mars surface exploration.
  • VR Ocean Aquarium 3D – (Android) learn about fish.
  • VR Moon Walk 3D – (Android) see the moon and its environment.
  • War of Words VR – (iOS, Android) 1916 Battle of Somme – poem ‘The Kiss’
  • Within – (iOS, Android) story based immersive experiences.
  • Wizard Academy – (iOS, Android) germ-buster, fire archery, ice fortress, earth maze, and telekinesis are some of the VR experiences.




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