June schedule of events

Hello everyone. Here is what’s happening in June.
Wednesday June 13. Grade 6 LA PAT – part B
Thursday June 14- grade 6 Math PAT PARTS A and B
We have spent the last two weeks on review
I will be giving out hard copies of the review as soon as they arrive from the print Center.
Tuesday June 26- Grade 6 Science PAT
Wednaesday june 27. Mini golf and Fun Day. School wide

Up Coming Important dates!

As we start to wind down the year, here are some important dates to remember.

May 9th – Pedestrian Walk at Wabasca 11-1pm.
May 10- Grade 6 LA PAT: Part A
Grades 7-9 track meet at Entwistle
May 19 PD day
May 22-25- Tim Horton’s Camp for grades 5-6
May 29th Grade 1-6 Tomahawk
Grades 7-9 Zones Track Meet at Duffield

if I have missed anything then sorry about that. I am sure you will know one way or another!

Take care.


The grade 7/8 classes joined the Grade 9s for some scientific exploration at the Space Science Center. Our young scientists not only had fun but also managed to fulfill many of the curriculum objectives in their respective programs ( shhhh don’t tell them that).
The grade 7s learned how to build structures out of popsicle sticks that were strong enough to withstand the earthquake machine. Their creations had to be certain dimensions as far as height and width was concerned.

March News!!!

Wow! Is it March already!!! Where did the year go??? Anyhoo, this is what’s happening with Math and Science in grades 5-8:
5-6s have started new units on Weather Watch and Sky Science respectably. Both classes are creating lap books to demonstrate their learning. Can’t wait to their end products!!!
In Math the 5 s are working on multiplication with 2-3 digits. Grade 6s are working on understanding and comparing fractions.
For Grade 7 Science, the kids are working on the Planet Earth unit. Currently they are learning how to recognize minerals. The Grade 8s are working on the Light and Optical unit and are researching different people in history whose theories on light had a big impact.
In math both Grades are working on Fractions and operations with Fractions, mixed numbers, and comparing them on the number line.

Happy Valentines Day Y’ALL!

This month, the 5/6 are finishing off their final projects for their Science units on Wetland Ecosystems and Trees and Forests, respectively. The Grade 5s are completing posters on a particular animal in an Ecosystem, including its height, weight, predators, prey, and where in the world it can be found. The Grade 6 project is based on clear and present threats to Canada’s forests. Pics to Follow.

The Grade 7s are also finishing off their unit on Interactions and Ecosystems, and are depicting how the First Nations people in the past interacted with their environment to ensure their own survival. The Grade 8s jsut completed their dioramas on two types of Glaciers, and did a fantastic job! They are now finishing of the unit by identifying the 6 fresh watersheds found in Alberta which involves Mapping skills.

In Math, all 4 grades are following the Guided Math Program. This is a highly differentiated program designed to meet individual needs of each student and is helping to address any learning gaps or deficits they might be experiencing. If you would like to learn about how your child is doing in Math then please contact me at the school to set up a meeting.

Happy New Year (belated)

Happy New year everyone! So here is the news for January. For Literacy Week, the Grade 5/6 were challenged to showcase their Math skills but couple them with some aspects of Literacy. And, boy did my kids step up to the challenge. I gave them a few examples of how this could be done, and then let them loose! They did an amazing job!They included poems, riddles, and narrative paragraphs to show their learning in Math!

A fantastic year so far!

This year I am teaching Grades 5-8 Math, Science, PE, and Health.  I love it!  For all four grades we spent the month of September reviewing math concepts and vocabulary.  This month we are slowly building our skills and stamina through Guided Math centers and it is working out well.

In science all four classes are working on their respective units, and the Grade 6’s wrote their first quiz of the year.  they did well overall.

well, I really have no pics to post yet, but then Halloween is coming up!


thank you.