Students Sharing Their Imagination Projects

It was awesome to come and visit the grade 7 science classes and see the incredible projects and ideas that the students had come up with for their Imagination Foundation Project. What stood out to me the most was the level of creativity, innovation and engagement all of the students displayed. It was easy to see the students’ passion in every conversation that I had with them. Some of them shared their learning and their project on their e-portfolio. Below are only a couple examples of the amazing projects that took place taken from the students’ e-portfolios.

Jake, Ethan and Aaron – Grade 8

Project based learning is when students use projects to learn the curriculum and life skills through a creative and enjoyable manner. We found project based learning extremely beneficial because we were able to express our interests. We believe that project based learning was an exceptionally useful way to educate our fellow students compared to book learning were all you had to do was memorize the material.

During the construction of the mini ballista we went through a voluminous amount of different experiences. One of those of which was the research on how to create a mini ballista. We spent 11 hours producing this astonishing work of art. It was only $26.00 dollars in total as the only cost was due to the boat crank!

We would really enjoy to further continue project based learning and that other schools may adopt this method of education. We enjoyed the manufacturing of the mini ballista, as well as the presentation of the firing to the public. We learned through the construction of the ballista importance of safety, how to generate force, how to manage time and work together as a group.

Teagan, Moritz and Nicolas – Grade 8

In science we did project based learning. I like project based learning more because you get to work with people that you’re good at working with. We choose to make a rocket powered car. We learned how to work with rockets, and how to get the best aerodynamics, so it will go far. Plus we learned how to get good angles on camera. We also had to learn all of the safety procedures, just in case something went wrong. We all would love to do this again if we ever had the chance. Another thing that we all enjoyed was it was all hands on, and better than just sitting at a desk and learning out of the textbook.

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