The Little Extra Goes A Long Way

“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.” 
― Jimmy Johnson 

I walked into the school this morning and was blown away with the makeover our early years hallway had received. I knew today was fairy tale day but was still not prepared, nor expecting to see such a transformation. It was like walking into a castle. After wandering around checking out all of the decorations and costumes, visiting the classrooms and seeing the excitement in our students, I came back to my office and started thinking (after getting a coffee of course). It truly is all of the extra that makes our school an extraordinary place. And sometimes I think it is important to recognize that and say thank-you.

Thank-you to the teachers and parents who were here until 9:30 pm last night decorating for Fairy Tale Day after student led conferences. Thank-you to the students, staff and volunteers for dressing up, all the planning and work that went into making today an amazing day for our students.

Thank-you to the staff and volunteers who work so tirelessly to create amazing learning opportunities for our students. The list is endless but things like Parklandia, Science Project Showcases, field trips, Innovation Week, and Junior Achievement are examples of the extra.

Thank-you to all of our volunteers, coaches, staff and parents who give their time to provide amazing athletics opportunities in all of our various sports teams. It is awesome to see the variety of opportunities for our students year after year.


Thank-you to all of the parents who volunteer in classrooms, hot lunch, School Council, Foundation, and all of the work that goes into fundraising that makes our school a better place for our students.

Finally, thank-you to all of our parent community for your engagement in your children’s learning. We appreciate your continued support, communication, feedback and collaboration as we continue to work together to create powerful learning environments for your children and our students in order to give them every opportunity for academic, social, physical and emotional success. After all…

“In this complex world, it takes more than a good school to educate children. And it takes more than a good home. It takes these two major educational institutions working together.” 
― Dorothy Rich, Author of Megaskills

I for one am extremely grateful to be a part of this extraordinary Muir Lake School community. This post is my attempt to capture some of my gratitude. I encourage you, whether you are a staff member, student, or parent to take some time and reflect on what you are grateful for as part of our school community. Then maybe take some time to express it in some way.

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2 thoughts on “The Little Extra Goes A Long Way

  1. This truly is an amazing place to work. What makes it such a nice atmosphere to work in is definitely the combination of people. The staff, the students and the parents..were a good mix!

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