-May 28th, 2014-

According to the United Nations World Food Programme, one in six people in the world don’t get enough food to be healthy. Shockingly, every six seconds a child dies from hunger and its related causes. You were probably lucky enough to have had enough to eat today, but many children have not eaten today (maybe not even for several days). In keeping with the spirit of global citizenship, students at Muir Lake School will have the opportunity to participate in a hunger lunch. This experience will not only instill a sense of empathy and compassion, but will also provide the opportunity for us to come together as a school community to extend a hand to those in need!

Students will pay $2.00 for a bowl of rice. The $2.00 will cover the cost of the rice; the remainder of the funds will be donated to Free the Children. A letter will be sent home for you to fill out a form to indicate that you would like your child to participate. Your selection of the “Hunger Lunch” will be your indication of permission for your child to participate.

Prior to the “Hunger Lunch” all students will join together with their Family Grouping to learn more about world hunger. As a result of the Family Grouping activity, students will have a clearer understanding of world hunger and will realize the significance of the bowl of rice they will be eating.

The Hunger Project


Muir Lake Staff