Options Sign Up

downloadAll grade 6 to 9 students are asked to go online to register for Term 1 Options. Click on the Term 1 Options Information link on the left side of the page for instructions and a listing of the classes being offered this term. Then click on the Term 1 Options Registration link to register.

In accordance with the grade 6 art curriculum, the grade 6 students have been divided into 3 groups; group 1 will be taking Art with Ms Wayken in the first term and groups 2 & 3 will sign up for a day 4 option class. We will rotate the groups through the 3 terms of Art with Ms Wayken. Click HERE to view the grade 6 art groups.

Please remember to click the “SUBMIT” button at the end of the registration process in order to finalize your selections.  We need you to do so BEFORE Friday September 5th.  If you have any questions please see Mrs. Garley in the office. Thank you!

Leadership at its Finest!

Picnics, games, laughter and fun was had by all during our Family Group picnic at Muir Lake School! The students enjoyed eating in their mixed grade groupings and then took some time to play together. Our school community is close, and the leadership fostered by family groups is AMAZING! Muir Lake School is the place to be!