First Leader in Me Assembly

We were VERY EXCITED to host our FIRST “Leader in Me” Assembly for this school year! It was a FANTASTIC way to end our first week together and officially welcome everyone to an exciting year at Muir Lake School!

photo MC

Student MCs – Parker & Hannah and our Student Tech Team kept the excitement and energy high throughout the assembly.

Several students shared their Class Mission Statements as a way to showcase leadership in our school.  Noah in 2 Matsuba talked about how their class will focus on …“being leaders by being nice, friendly and caring … we will do our best to use the 7 habits …”

Throughout the year, we will have the pleasure of hearing all class mission statements in our various assemblies, and we are very excited for this opportunity!

photo LIM)

Hot Lunch Needs You!

There will be a Hot Lunch MEETING on September 19th at 8 am, in the school’s Conference Room. Also, we are looking to fill two very important volunteer positions in our Hot Lunch program. Hot Lunch Coordinator and Hot Lunch Shopper. If you would like to be a part of this wonderful and important program please contact Gerri-lou (HL Coordinator 780-266-0899) or Shannon (HL Shopper 780-445-8663) for more information (Program runs from November through April yearly).

Hot Lunch Coordinator:

  • preparation of all 6 months of hot lunch menus
  • organize first volunteer recruiting day
  • plan lunch form return days/count days with fundraising coordinator
  • field all questions and concerns regarding the hot lunch program
  • organize volunteers and collect contact information
  • be responsible for all repairs and maintenance to the kitchen
  • organize final windup luncheon
  • give out free hot lunch vouchers
  • be the liaison between volunteers, teachers, students, and parents
  • plan where any excess money from the program will be used
  • work together with shopper
  • review procedures and recipes

Hot Lunch Shopper:

  • order food, paper goods and supplies for Hot Lunch program (current program is working with co-op in Stony Plain)
  • keeping track of kitchen stock
  • meeting the delivery at school Mondays at noon – or picking up orders if problems with deliveries
  • fielding calls from volunteers for recipe questions, amounts of shortages or excesses in food
  • working with and backing up Hot Lunch Coordinator
  • help review Menu’s
  • preparing spreadsheets to keep track of spending, money coming in, and monthly budgeting
  • reporting on year end totals

Thank you for your continued support of our lunch program!