Collaboration Center at its Finest!

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We are so excited to be opening up our Collaboration Center to our grades 1-5 students as well as our grades 6-9 students at lunch recess.  On Monday, Wednesday & Friday, the grade 9’s will work with groups of students as they participate in Lego, Rainbow Loom, Board Games or Reading activities.

The classroom teachers have been given their class’ schedule and a schedule has also been posted.  As well, we will update our MLS Weekly Activities page on the school blog to help you know when it is your child’s day in the Collaboration Center.

It is important to note that students will have the option to attend or not, they can still go out and play on their day if they would be prefer.

*If your child wants to Rainbow Loom, they will need to bring their own Loom and elastics.  We will provide, Lego, Books and Board Games for the students.

This is exciting for us at Muir Lake School, as it is another fantastic opportunity to build community and leadership throughout our K-9 School!

Monday will be our first day, and Grade 1’s will be welcome to participate in these activities in the Collaboration Center.

Please refer to our MLS Weekly Events page or the Calendar page for other dates.

FunTeam Lunch Intramurals

Muir Lake Fun Team Intramural Program

 FunTeam Alberta is a non-profit organization that provides sport in a fun and less competitive sport environment. FunTeam will be offering an intramural program at lunch recess at no cost to the participants. It will consist of a variety of sports, games and activities for students in grade 1, 2, and 3. The program will be held over lunch recess (11:25-11:55) on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It will commence the week of November 3rd and end the week of December 15th.

The program coordinators will be Caristy Dawes and Heather Verlinde who are currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Education degree at the University of Alberta. The supervisor will be Mrs. Wayken.


Miss Verlinde and Miss Dawes will update the Muir Lake blog with some pictures or videos of the intramural activities in progress! Check out the blog page for updates- To find out more about Fun Team Alberta please visit their website

Lego Needed

We are offering some recess activities for our grade 1-5 students.  One of the activities we would like to have is Lego Building…however, we have a problem…we don’t currently have any Lego:(.

If you have, and would be willing to donate Lego, please drop it off in the school office.

Thank you in advance,we are so appreciative!

Operation Christmas Child

Although all the official shoe boxes have gone, there are still plenty of pamphlets with the information you need to pack a box from home. If you have some official boxes at home that aren’t being used please have your child bring them back so that someone else can make use of them.

Thank you for all your support.

We will start collecting the boxes November 3rd.

Operation Christmas Child

We are rapidly running out of shoe boxes. Please do not feel disheartened if you don’t manage to get hold of one of the official shoe boxes from the office: a shoe box from home will work just as well. Remember to use the label from the leaflet to label your box with either girl or boy.

Collection week begins on November3rd

Happy shopping!



Volunteers Needed for Fri. Swim Date

The grade 1-3 will be going to the Tri-Leisure Centre for a morning of fun in the pool.  We are in need of parent volunteers to be in the water supervising from 8:45 to 10:45.  We are also looking for some dads, uncles, or grandpas to supervise in the boys change room.  If you, or other family members are able to volunteer, please email

Thank you.

Remembrance Day at MLS

Remembance DayMuir Lake School will be holding a Remembrance Day Service on Friday, November 7th at 10:15 a.m. and as always, parents & families are invited to attend. Poppies will be distributed to all students at that time and donations will also be accepted. 

Many of you have had friends or relatives who served their country in wartime. We would like to remember these people by having your child pin a poppy on our cross.  At the time that your child is doing this, we would like to mention the name of the person being remembered along with a little background information.

For your convenience, go online to to fill in this information electronically or click HERE to print off a hard copy of the Tribute form. We ask that this information be submitted to the MLS office by Tuesday November 4th.

Operation Christmas Child

During collection week, November 3rd to 7th, the shoe box team will be tallying up the class boxes. They will then be recorded on a poster opposite the library. Students will be able to see how their class is doing!

Collect your box from the office before we run out. If we do run out, please feel free to fill a shoe box from home.

Together we can make this an outstanding shoe box year!