Innovation Week

It’s time again for Innovation Week at Muir Lake School!

Last week, the students from grades 7-9 were given an introduction to our new Innovation Week theme – “Hacking Your Education”.  Inspired by the TedTalk given by then 13-year old Logan LaPlante about “Hackschooling”, we are giving students the opportunity to hack their school and decide WHAT they want to learn about and HOW they want to learn it.

Again, this opportunity is voluntary for students, although all 7-9 students have been involved in the planning part of the Inquiry Process. We truly believe in the great value and unbelievable learning that a project like this offers to all students, and greatly encourage participation in it. Students who choose not to participate in Innovation Week will be participating in teacher-directed learning for the week.

Innovation Week Timeline:

December 16 – Day 1 – Work on projects in assigned rooms

December 17 – Day 2 – Work on projects in assigned rooms

December 18 – Day 3 – Work on projects/presentations in assigned rooms

December 19 – Showcase in rooms – open to public 9:55am-11:25am

Please plan to join us on December 19 for the showcase and thank-you so much for your continued support of Muir Lake’s Innovation Week.

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