Lunch Recess Tobogganing Supervisors Needed…

Great News!
One of our parents has generously offered to organize sledding for our grade 1-3 students on the small hill on the north side of the school.  However, in order to make sledding available for our students, we will need your help as a parent to help supervise the hill during the lunch hour. If you are able to help with this please contact Deidre (Didi) Beaudoin (780.968.7678)

The expectations for the students who will participate in tobogganing are as follows:
Following the Alberta Safety Guidelines as well as the Alberta Health Services’ Provincial Injury Prevention Team (2010), your son/daughter will be expected to understand and adhere to the following considerations:
• All students on toboggans must wear an approved outdoor activity helmet.
• Suitable clothing and footwear must be worn for outdoor activities.
• Toboggans must be in good repair with no jagged edges.
• Snow saucers, tubes, crazy carpets, and GT racers are not be used at any time.
• Students are only permitted to kneel or sit on the toboggan.
• Students must not proceed until the run-out area is clear providing for a safe distance between toboggans.
• The supervisor will ensure that an appropriate number of children are on each toboggan.
Students may be removed from participating in this activity if the supervisor identifies inappropriate behaviour.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this, please feel free to contact the school. We thank you in advance for your co-operation in helping to keep our children safe on and off of the sliding hill.  Once adequate supervision has been organized, we will send out a blog post informing parents of the days that students will be permitted to toboggan.

Winter Walk Day

Winter walk dayWhat is Winter Walk Day?

On the first Wednesday of February each year, thousands of Albertans take it outside to celebrate living in a beautiful winter province. Whether we’re grabbing our coffees and going for a office break walk, or going for an evening stroll through the neighbourhood with family, we all have the opportunity to get out and love our province!

More people walking is great for our health, the environment, and helps strengthen communities.

On February 4th, join over 160,000 Albertans for #WinterWalkDay! Grab a co-worker, a friend, or meet some neighbours, and remember to track your steps, as we show the rest of Canada that Alberta knows how to embrace winter!step-up

At Muir Lake School the students will be getting together in their “Family Groups” at 10:45 a.m. and will then head outside for their #WinterWalk, so please dress appropriately.