RCMP Presence at Muir Lake School This Morning

We just wanted to provide an update on the situation that played itself out prior to the start of school this morning. As many of you are aware, RCMP were on site as our busses were pulling up for the day. At the time, they were conducting a search in the area for a person of interest and made it very clear that there was minimal risk to our students and staff.

To take extra precaution and to ensure the safety of all those at the school, RCMP asked us to lock down the school and we were told that the need for a lockdown would be for a very short time.

As predicted by the RCMP, the lockdown was lifted a short time later.

We’d like to take the opportunity to thank all of our students and staff who did a terrific job following our school’s Emergency Response Procedure. As a reminder, in situations like this, we are to take direction from the local authorities to ensure the safety of students and staff at all times. We’re happy to report we all passed with flying colours.

RCMP members were also available for class visits during the day to alleviate any anxiety that may have been caused by the situation. As always, our school support services are also available for any students that may need them.

It’s also a great time to refresh our memory on emergency procedures.

In The Event Of An Emergency:

Do not call the school or your child’s cell phone.

We understand and respect your concern, but it is essential that the phone systems be available for emergency communications. If you call the school you will tie up lines and systems required for communicating with emergency responders and may inhibit our ability to send or receive critical information.

By calling your child’s cell phone, you could potentially put them in harms way, depending on the nature of the crisis. Please do not call, we will ensure that you get the information you need by contacting you.

Note: It is imperative that the information on your child’s Emergency Information Card is current.

What happens during a Lock-Down or Shelter-in-Place?

In the event of a lock-down or shelter-in-place, the school will be locked with NO arrivals or departures of anyone including staff, students or parents. You will not be allowed to pick-up your child until after an “all-clear” is given and established student release procedures are in order. This procedure will be strictly adhered to under all circumstances. Please do not go to the school until instructed to do so.

For more information, contact:

Karen Stride­-Goudie
Principal, Muir Lake School
Phone: 780­-963­-3535