MLS Family Movie Night


Friday, March 20th 7:00pm
Admission is Free
Concession — All proceeds will be donated to Free the Children Charity
Movie — Aliens and Monsters(This title had been Iron Giant but needed to be changed)
Bring a blanket to sit on
Bring a travel mug for hot chocolate purchase
Wear your jammies if you choose
Food Bank Donations accepted
Parents must attend with child up to grade 6 (younger siblings are welcome)

This event is being planned by the Muir Lake We Care Team. The We Care team is a group of students in grades 6-9. These students attended an event in last October called We Day. They have been involved in a few fundraising and awareness raising events over the last few years, such as; Hunger Lunch, Toonies for Tanzania, Book Sale, and We Are Silent.

MLS Movie night is a free event for children and their families up to grade 6. There will be no admission charged but families may bring a Food Bank donation if they choose(Food will be taken to the Parkland Food Bank). A concession will be available. Funds raised at the concession will be sent to Free the Children. Free the Children is a Canadian Charity run by Craig and Marc Kielburger(both are Order of Canada Recipients). For each 50 dollars raised a goat will be bought for a family in need overseas.

Children must be accompanied by an adult to attend. Families are encouraged to bring a blanket to sit on and may come in pajamas if they choose. We hope to see you there.