Hats on For Mental Health Kick Off!

What do you get when you combine, an eager Muir Lake E.A. (Mrs. Gibbons), a fantastic Youth Resiliency Coordinator (Felicia Ochs), a Yoga Team from Wabamun School, some great music and 450 energetic students with a yoga mat?

You guessed it…SUCCESS!

Today we celebrated the kick off to ‘Mental Health Awareness Week’ with a school wide Yoga Class. All students grades k-9 participated, and when I say participated, I MEAN it! It was absolutely fabulous watching staff and students of Muir Lake School work through the Yoga routine. We all enjoyed every minute of it, and learned a little something new.

A special thank you goes out to Mrs. Gibbons for organizing such a fantastic event! As well, an event like this is always better with music, so thank you to Colton, Marcus and Mathew for taking on that task.

Below are some of the fabulous pictures taken during the event by our School Council Vice Chair, Nicole Simcoe.

MLS Yoga (144) MLS Yoga (17) MLS Yoga (66) MLS Yoga (40) MLS Yoga (141) MLS Yoga (63) MLS Yoga (64) MLS Yoga (75)