Goat Fundraiser


The We Care Team would like to thank the students, staff and families of Muir Lake for supporting our Pictures with the Goats fundraiser. Many pictures of beautiful smiles and goats were taken and getting to cuddle a baby goat was enjoyed by many. Altogether we were able to raise nearly 550 dollars for Free the Children. This means that 11 goats will be donated, on our behalf, to children and their needy families in countries like Ghana, Haiti, Ecuador and Sierra Leone. A big thank you to the We Care Team for taking care of the students, goats and picture taking. But an even bigger thank you goes out to Mrs. Williams for kindly letting us use her goats. She then went a step further and paid for all of the picture developing costs which allowed us to donate 100 percent of the funds raised. Muir Lake would also like to thank Mrs. Betty Milne for helping us to transport our little goat friends to and from the school.
When combined with other We Care Team fundraisers this year (Family Movie Night and We Are Silent), we are extremely pleased to be donating more than $1700 dollars to Free the Children. All of which will be used to purchase 34 goats. Muir Lake Family you make us proud. IMG_8248



Identity Fair coming soon!

On 23rd June, Muir Lake School will be hosting a 1-5 Identity Fair.  Your child will have the opportunity to share a part of their identity with the rest of the school.  Students will be invited to set up a display of their interests, pastimes or family history.

The focus of the Identity Fair will be to include all students and to allow teachers and students to get to know each other a little better.

Children will have their desk space to display their presentation. Small artifacts are welcome. We would discourage the use of computers to entirely replace a hand-created visual display. The presentation must be created and completed at home.

Parents will be very welcome to drop in to view the Identity Fair.

We’re looking forward to celebrating our students’ identities on 23rd June.

BYOD Parent Information Night – Tuesday, June 2 @7:00pm

We are excited to be hosting our annual BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) parent information session.

When: Tuesday, June 2nd @7:00pm

Where: Muir Lake School Collaboration Center

Who: Grade 3 parents, New Parents to Muir Lake, and any parent looking for more information about Muir Lake School’s     BYOD initiative

Our students in grades 4-9 are all welcome to participate in BYOD. This session is an opportunity for you to come and learn about our BYOD initiative at Muir Lake School, as well as to get and idea of the type of device recommended. We will have a presentation to show some of the work that students are able to do using their device to extend their learning and our current grade 4 teachers will be available to answer questions that you may have.

We look forward to seeing you there!