Grade 1-5 Fun Day

Fun Day 2014 will be held next Thursday(grades 1-5). I sent home a newsletter and volunteer sign up late last week. I have received a handful of responses but need many more volunteers to make this event happen. This day involves 200 students and we need about 30 volunteers to make it happen. If you did not receive a newsletter I have included it here. If you are able to volunteer please send me an email and let me(Shannon Matsuba — know how you are able to help out. Of course most important are volunteers who can run a station or be a group leader. If you can donate your whole day that would be great!!! Thank you in advance.

June 9, 2015
Dear Parents;

The grade 1-5 Fun Day is fast approaching. We are still in the early stages of planning and are beginning to make the necessary arrangements to ensure that the students have a successful and fun day. The date of this year’s Fun Day will be Thursday, June 25th. Times have not been set, yet, but activities will begin between 8:30 and 9:00 and will conclude around 2:15. Please note that if the weather makes it impossible to proceed as planned then Fun Day will be cancelled. With so many volunteers needed and involved it cannot easily be moved to another day. In my 9 years here we have not yet had to cancel, keep your fingers crossed.
The Parent Council has offered to donate a free hotdog lunch for the children. Each child will receive a juice, one hotdog, a cookie, and a piece of watermelon. If your child needs more than what is being provided then you are welcome to send extra lunch or snacks with your child.
The students will be outside for many hours. It is important that they are dressed appropriately for the weather. A hat, sunscreen, water bottle, and bug repellent will be needed. Please apply sunscreen in the morning before school. If you send the sunscreen with your child then a teacher or parent helper can help, if needed, to reapply at lunch time.
As usual we are looking for many parent volunteers to come out and give us a hand. If you are able to help out, please fill in the reverse side of this page and return it to your child’s teacher.
Most volunteers will need to be at the school by 8:00 to begin working with the groups or in order to receive instructions before the events begin.
If you have any questions or concerns you may call me at the school or direct them to your child’s classroom teacher.
Our theme this year is “Jungle Adventure”. Students and parents are welcome to dress for the theme if possible.

Also please find attached a list of items that we will need. Please let me know which items you are able to donate. It is important that these items be sent in as early as possible. This is so that I am 1)able to know what needs to be purchased 2)let people know when we have enough of any item.

Thank you
Shannon Matsuba

Please let me know if you are able to take on one or more of the jobs listed below.

______ I can help to prepare materials ahead of time (This will be for an hour or two on the morning of June 23)

_____ I can help out with morning preparations and set up. 7:45 – 8:30

_____ I can run one of the stations or be a group leader. (includes end of the day clean up)

Name _______________________________

Phone # __________________________________

Child’s Teacher(s)_____________________________

It is always best when volunteers do not bring younger siblings. When possible please make arrangements to have your younger ones at home. Parents with younger children are often not able to be fully responsible for their assigned role for the day.

Please indicate if you are able to send in any of the following items. Please send them in as soon as possible and no later than June 19th.

______bubble blowing soap
______ large freezies

Gr 9 Activity Day

_DSC8238We would like to send out a great big thank you to all the parents that came out to help set up, take down, and chaperon the grade 9 camp out on Friday and Saturday. The kids weathered the elements and had a blast on the obstacle course, bouncy houses, playing man tracker, and watching a late night movie, all while eating loads of great food and snacks. A special thank you to Tina Hofer for organizing, Celena Coombs and her parents, Garth and Debbie Hatch, for planning and providing such a beautiful location for the event, and Jeff Wilson for providing the trailer and quad for transportation. It was a perfect way to finish off the grade nine year. 

Muir Lake Identity Fair Coming Next Week!

Grades 1-5 will be hosting an Identity Fair on Tuesday ( June 23) next week. The students will be encouraged to bring a display of what they feel makes them unique. This could include after school activities, favourite authors, drawings, family heritage, pictures of family pets…… anything that they feel makes up their identity.

Each class will be able to go and view the students’ presentations during the day and parents are welcome to come and visit as we celebrate our children.

Parents are welcome to come and see the Identity display for 8:45 am onwards.