CTF Week – June 22nd-26th


CTF Week is happening at Muir Lake School next week!  

CTF (Career & Technology Foundations) supports flexible, interdisciplinary learning where students explore interests and passions while making personal connections to career possibilities and technologies associated with various Career and Technology Studies (CTS) occupational areas. CTF is designed to be a unique curriculum that allows students to learn about occupational areas. Students will develop skills in the areas of business, communication, human services, resources, and technology while working through engaging challenges.

Our students have spent time prior to CTF Week brainstorming, peer interviewing, planning and developing their own individual or group challenges to work through during CTF Week.

This is an exciting introduction to the CTF Curriculum that will be in place next year throughout Alberta. We are really looking forward to this engaging week of student centered learning that will be occurring.

Please join us on Friday, June 26th from 10:00am – 11:00am  as the students showcase their learning.