The Office has Moved!

Well at least temporarily anyway . . .

Please be patient with us while our office undergoes a much-needed facelift. We have temporarily moved to the early years computer lab in room 126 in the grade 4/5/6 hallway. Please come find us there.

With this move come a few things that we must overcome and the major one is our phone system. We are unable to access our phones in the same way and ask that whether you are calling in an absence or need to speak to us in the office, that rather than leaving a message we ask that you send us an email to Our phones have been re-routed to our temporary location, but unfortunately we only have one line at this time.

We are unsure of the timeline of this displacement, but we are very excited to see the end results.

We thank you for your patience and look forward to seeing you in our new location, in room 126.

IMG_7132 IMG_7136