Bus 344 & M6 CANCELLED

As you may be aware bus M6 and bus 344 were not running this morning due to mechanical issues. We have confirmed with transportation that these 2 buses are still NOT running this afternoon. If your child normally rides either of these 2 buses and are at school today please insure that arrangements have been made for them to get home somehow. If someone other than a parent (or someone that NORMALLY has permission to pick them up) will be picking up your child we will need to have this information conveyed to us in some way. Please either phone the school at 780-963-3535 or email us at muirlake@psd70.ab.ca
For example if they are going home with a neighbor or friend then we will need to know that they have permission to do so.
Our dismissal time is 2:35 pm.
We thank you for your prompt attention and cooperation with this very important matter.
Stay warm
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