Remembrance Day at MLS

Our Remembrance Day Service will be held on Friday November 9th at 10:15 a.m. Poppies will be distributed to all students on the above date and donations will be accepted at that time.

Every year, we have an assembly with all the students and try to explain to them the meaning of Remembrance Day through poems, filmstrips, readings, music, and song. Also we try to remind them that war takes its toll on both sides and that one side’s sense of pain and loss is no less than another’s.

Many of you have had friends or relatives who served their country in wartime. We would like to remember these people by having your child pin a poppy on our cross.  At the time that your child is doing this, we would like to mention the name of the person being remembered along with a little background information. For your convenience you may go online to fill in this Tribute Form or go to with the necessary information OR print this FORM and have your child return it to the school office by Monday, November 5, 2018.

And of course, as always, parents & family are more than welcome to attend our Remembrance Day Service.