Christmas Concerts

For those who would like to know concert dates for this year, they will be as follows:

Kindergarten Tea: Dec. 14, 1:30pm


Gr. 1-3: Tuesday, Dec. 18

afternoon dress rehearsal 1:00pm

evening concert 7:00pm


Gr. 4-6: Thursday, Dec. 20

afternoon dress rehearsal 1:00pm

evening concert 7:00pm


These dates and times are on the student calendar as well, but just in case you haven’t located them, we wanted to let you know.

Thank you.

Mrs. Gottenbos



Term 2 CTF Registration is OPEN

Term 2 CTF Option Course Registration is now OPEN!!!
Please direct your grade 6 to 9 students to the link on the left side of the main blog page called CTF Option Course Registration – have them go to it and register for Term 2 CTF Courses prior to Friday November 30th OR simply go to and fill in the registration form.
We encourage you to speak with your children about their choices and read the CTF Course Descriptions carefully and pick what they want – not what their friends are picking as we discourage switching as these courses are about exploring new avenues. Please note that some of the courses have fees attached to them and these fees will be automatically added to your child’s PowerSchool Account.
CTF Option Course Descriptions can be found as a link on the the left side of the MLS Blog page or click this link
Grade 6 Art with Ms Wayken on day 5 will be with students in group 2 this term and students in Art Group 1 & 3 will register for CTF courses. Students know which group they are in and their homeroom teachers also have a list posted. It is also important to be aware that Musical Theatre will run for 2 terms during terms 2 & 3.
Thank you and always, should you have any questions please feel free to contact the office at 780-963-3535.

Urgent — Casino Worker Needed for TODAY!


Volunteer Still Needed

Due to a medical emergency cancellation, there is a vacant position that has just become open for TODAY from 11 am to 7 pm.  If you know someone that can help out or if you can work a second shift, please contact Jennifer at 780-983-1316.

Volunteers needed to work the

Casino in St. Albert on November 27th & November 28th

Several shifts available – the schedule is posted at the school – please call Maureena for more information

This is our biggest fundraiser, the last Casino we worked brought in a profit of over $19,000.

All the money goes back into the school for our kids.

Please contact Maureena at 780-655-0755 or