…And That’s a Wrap!

Thank you all for your wonderful support of our Christmas concerts this year.  Parents, thank you for helping your children learn lines, getting them here early for the performances, and showing up to cheer them on.  They were spectacular!
In the flurry of everything happening, I failed to thank you, the parents, for raising such fantastic kids!  I have the best job and love working with your children.
Also, I am looking for some pictures………. If you have any quality photos you could share with me of any of the three concerts, I would appreciate it.  I failed to organize a photographer, so have very few pictures from our performances.  I am especially looking for group photos of performances; choir & class photos would be wonderful.  Please send them to me at dgottenbos@psd70.ab.ca.
Thank you & Merry Christmas!
Mrs. Gottenbos

Gr 4 – 6 Christmas Concert

Welcome to the Grade 4 to 6 Christmas Concert

The Performance will begin at 7 pm. The doors to the school will open at 6:00 pm and the gym doors will open at 6:30 pm. All grade 4 to 6 students need to be in their homeroom classes between 6:30 and 6:45 to prepare for their performance.

Due to Fire Regulations we are limited on the number of people that can be in the gym for this performance. Each family was allocated their 4 tickets and unless you requested and received extras we ask that you please honour this limitation as you WILL need to have your tickets to get into the gym for the performance, this includes children of all ages. The grade 4 to 6 students that are performing do NOT require tickets as they will not be in the gym except for when they are performing.

We also remind you that parking space is limited, so if you are able to, please carpool.

Thank you for your cooperation and we wish you and your family a Very Merry Christmas and a Safe and Joyous New Year!


Be a wee Read Volunteer!

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Muir Lake is continuing our wee Read sessions and the students are loving it!

If you are interested in sharing books and conversations with kindergarten and Grade 1 children please sign up to be a wee Read  Volunteer by filling out the google doc form by clicking HERE

 The next  training session is on Monday March 4th

You will help them:

  • Develop their listening and speaking skills
  • Strengthen their foundations for reading and school success
  • Develop a love of books!

The program will run for 8 weeks, once a week for 30 minutes, during the day at Muir lake School!

If you would like more information on this exciting program please feel free to contact Kerri Schram at kschram@psd70.ab.ca or 780-963-3535.

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Gr 1-9 Report Cards Available Online

Your child’s grade 1 to 9 report card is now accessible through the PowerSchool Parent Portal. 
For information on how to sign on to the PowerSchool Parent Portal click HERE.  
Once you have logged in to your child’s account, click on the “Report Card” link on the left side. 
The next window will prompt you to “Generate” the report card which will take you to a PDF version of the report card which you can view or print.
PLEASE NOTE:   The report card CANNOT be viewed from the APP on a Mobile Device. This is because the APP does not allow you to LINK to outside programs like our Report Card or Fees systems. You will need to do this from a computer or by using your BROWSER on your mobile device. 
If you are having problems signing on to the PowerSchool Parent Portal please contact the office at 780-963-3535 or by email to muirlake@psd70.ab.ca
Wishing you and your family a Very Merry Christmas and a Safe & Joyous New Year!

The Forest Behind Muir Lake School

The owners of the property behind Muir Lake School have asked us to pass this along to you as a precaution . . .

Below the snow is ice and water, while some of the water is shallow, some of it can be quite deep; especially near the Beaver Dam.  The beavers require the water to be at least 4 feet deep to adequately build a dam and survive under water through the winter, with our mild winter thus far the ice has not yet frozen thick enough for it to be safe to walk on. With this depth of water and thin ice a person could easily be in danger of falling through and drowning. They are requesting that no one walk on any of the flooded areas.  If you would like to observe the beavers, please do so from a safe distance. 

Although our students have been advised that they need permission to be on the property after school hours, we find it necessary to remind you of the dangers and ask that everyone be respectful of the Jespersen’s request to insure everyone’s safety. Technically if you are on the property after school hours you are trespassing. Should you wish to obtain permission to be on the property, please contact Derek Jespersen directly at 780-819-0164.

Thank you for your consideration and understanding while we continue to insure the safety of our families.


Kinsmen Hampers

A huge THANK YOU from all of us at Muir Lake School and from the Kinsmen for your awesome donations to our Kinsmen Hamper drive this year! Many families in Parkland County will have a wonderful Christmas this year due to your very generous contributions.

And THANK YOU to our friends from T-chuk Homes for transporting all of our donations to the Heritage Pavilion in Stony Plain to assist the Kinsmen with their very worthy cause.

Merry Christmas to Everyone!

Thank you to our wee Read volunteers!

Muir Lake has started our first wee Read session and the students are loving it!






If you would like to be a wee Read volunteer and share books and conversations with our kindergarten and Grade 1 students let us know.

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Our next training session will be January 14th, 2019.  If you would like more information or to be a part of this exciting new program please contact Kerri Schram at kschram@psd70.ab.ca or 780-963-3535.