Jump Rope For Heart

On May 13th we will be having a Kickoff assembly for Jump Rope For Heart. The money we fundraise will go to the Heart and Stroke Foundation. By fundraising for Jump Rope for Heart, you’re collecting donations that fund critical research that’s saving lives, preventing heart disease and stroke, and supporting survivors and their families.  As a school, we want to encourage people to be and stay active. Our school goal is $5000 this year. By raising money you can win a lot of prizes like …

  • Skipping rope $5 online
  • Mini Basketball Raise $25
  • Hover air soccer ball raise $75
  • $15 Dollar gift card Raise $150 online
  • Light Up Scooter Raise $250
  • $25 Gift Card Raise $350 Online
  • Vtech Kidizoom action Camera Raise $500
  • Bike Raise $1000+
  •  All money will go to fundraiser.


For details click this link  to take you to the Heart and Stroke Foundation website

To Donate Online

  1. Go to jumpropeforheart.ca
  2. Join Your School
  3. Set-up your child’s fundraising page

Remember to stay active!!

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2 thoughts on “Jump Rope For Heart

  1. There are gift card prizes. I believe they release them once you are done fundraising. So that would happen on Friday. We have also contacted our rep for clarification. And weather permitting the kids will be jumping on Thursday so we will go till Friday for the collection of donations. Thank you

  2. hello, has the school opted out or in for the online gift card prizes? Typically we get an email right after hitting a value, and we reached a marker yesterday, but still no gift card email. so just thought I’d inquire…Donations are due thursday mat 23rd..correct?

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