1-5 Fun Day Volunteers

We are still in need of many volunteers for our 1-5 Fun Day on June 24th.  We need family members to run groups or stations for the day.  If you can please send in your green form as soon as possible.  If your green form has gone missing then please email Miss Saunders(ssaunders@psd70.ab.ca) or  Mrs. Matsuba(smatsuba@psd70.ab.ca)

Fun Day — Gr. 1-5

This week your child should have brought home a bright green Fun Day newsletter. It will let you know about the 1-5 Fun Day that will be held on Friday, June 24th. Once again we are asking for many volunteers to help make this day a success. If you can help out please return the green form to your child’s teacher as soon as possible. Thanks to those who have already returned their form.

Questions can be sent directed to:

Miss Saunders (ssaunders@psd0.ab.ca) or

Mrs. Matsuba(smatsuba@psd70.ab.ca)

Muir Lake Supports Fort McMurray

We are very proud of the support our school community has given to the people of Fort McMurray.  In a few short days we were able to collect $1866 to be given to the Canada Red Cross to support the victims of the Fort McMurray fire.  Once again the heart of our school community is shown to be large and strong.

Best Wishes to all families who are still struggling to deal with the affects and trauma of the Fort McMurray fire.

Fort McMurray Donations – Update

Image result for Fort McMurray and red crossStudents will continue to visit classrooms, each morning, to collect cash donations to aid the residents of Fort McMurray.  So far we have collected more than $1300 from our generous families.  Thank you so much Muir Lake.

The last day for collecting will be Thursday, but we hope that you will continue to find ways to help our neighbours in the north.

All donations will be given to the Red Cross, designated to be used for Fort McMurray.

Support the Fort

Muir Lake it is time to step up and help our provincial neighbours in Fort McMurray.  Starting on Friday morning students will be stopping by classes to gather donations to help the victims of the Fort McMurray wildfire.  So please donate your birthday money, ask your parents and empty your piggy banks.  These families have lost everything and desperately need our help.  All money collected will be donated to the Canadian Red Cross-to be directed to Fort McMurray.  Come on Muir Lake, let’s keep “Alberta Strong”.

We Are Silent

On Tuesday, May 3, over 40 students at Muir Lake will take a vow of silence for 24 hours. This is support of children around the world who do not have access to education, food, medicine or clean water. This is also to show support for students across Canada who suffer from bullying. Students are collecting money in the form of pledges from their friends and family.

This year all proceeds will be divided between to great causes. The first cause is Free the Children who will use the money to provide basic and essential items to children around the world.

This year half of the money will be give to one of our grade 6 students. Jacob will be visiting Guatemala in June. He will use the money raised to buy the material needed to build beds for families in Guatemala. Well done, Jacob. We wish you a safe and rewarding trip. Further questions can be directed to Mrs. Matsuba.

K-5 Under the Sea Theme Day

As in past years(Dr.Seuss Day, Medieval Days, Space Days) the K-5 classrooms will be taking part in an Under the Sea theme day. Students will be put into multi-grade groupings and will rotate into classrooms to take part in a variety of theme related activities. We would like to once again decorate the hallways to enhance the students excitement and enjoyment of this event. We will be decorating after school on Tuesday, April 26. We would welcome any parental help that we can get. If you are able to give us a hand with this fun job please drop by the school on Tuesday or contact Mrs. Matsuba. (smatsuba@psd70.ab.ca).


After a lot of team work, hard work and great play the Muir Lake Jr. Girls Basketball team are the 2016 Premier Division Champions.   Tonight the Muir Lake Mustangs played a tough game against Woodhaven School.   The Mustangs won with a score of 31-25 to win the Championship game.  Congratulations to these great athletes and their coaches.  Well done, Mustangs. image image