Jumpstart Funding for Play Parkland

Muir Lake School will participate in the PLAY Parkland for this school year.  This exciting adventure takes place at the Trans Alta Tri Leisure Centre (TLC) 8 times during the semester on Tuesdays.  The students will experience; aquatics, dry land sports, skating lessons and gymnastics.

We are delighted to share with you that we’ve struck a partnership with the Canadian Tire Jumpstart program to enhance the physical literacy and sports development of our students.

Jumpstart states that, “Participating in sport helps kids develop physical and social skills.  It helps build self-esteem. By helping kids get into the game, we’re equipping them with determination. And we’re giving them confidence that will extend beyond practices and games. No kid should be left on the sidelines but in Canada 1 in 3 families cannot afford to enroll their kids in organized sports. That’s almost 750,000 kids every year who want to play, but just can’t.”

Through our partnership, we will be able to support additional school-based programming and equipment that will help all students participate in a wide variety of physical activities. We are thankful to Canadian Tire for their important work in helping support all children and youth in our community so that everyone can live a healthy, active life.

At this time, the program will include all of our Muir Lake students from grades 3 to 6. The total cost for this program is $40 per child and includes transportation to and from the Tri/school.

Please download & complete this form then return it to the school office by September 25, 2018 regardless of whether you want assistance or not.

We are very excited for this opportunity with JumpStart. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher or Mrs. Garley in the office.


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Kindergarten Student-Led Conferences

Kindergarten Student-Led Conferences dates have been set for Tuesday October 23rd and Wednesday October 24th from 3:30 pm – 7:30 pm.

These Student Led Conferences allow students & parents to explore their class as well as have time to connect with Ms. LeDressay.  Please sign up for your for a 25 minute time-slot that you will share with 2 other families.

Simply go online to SchoolAppointments.com to book your Kindergarten Student Led Conference. You will need to create a profile in order to use the online booking program. The Parent Instruction Guide for SchoolAppointments.com can be viewed here.


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MedicAlert No Child Without Program

Why No Child Without?

Free 24/7 MedicAlert protection for school-aged children

No Child Without is a charitable program made available through the generous support of MedicAlert subscribers, parents and other donors. Offered through registered schools, the program provides a free MedicAlert ID and service plan to eligible children between the ages of 4 and 14. No Child Without gives both parents and teachers peace of mind knowing that if a child has a medical condition, allergy or special need, his or her vital medical information is readily available and can be accurately communicated in an emergency.

For more information on this program click HERE

Should you need one of the pamphlets with the unique Barcode to order a bracelet for your child, let us know; we have them in the office.


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Parent Teacher Interviews

ALL Grade 1 to 9 Parent/Teacher interviews are scheduled for Tuesday October 2nd from 4 to 7 and Wednesday October 3rd from 3 to 6.  All parents are invited to book their appointment on our online booking system at https://muirlake.schoolappointments.com. Interviews for Kindergarten students will take place later on in October – watch for more details coming soon.

You will NEED to re-create your login for your account.

INSTRUCTIONS are available by clicking HERE

Should you have questions, please feel free to contact the school at 780-963-3535 or email us at muirlake@psd70.ab.ca

Don’t forget that the Scholastic Book Fair will also be taking place that week and during the interview times. 🙂

Thank you!


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Chickakoo Run Rescheduled

Due to weather, the Cross Country Run for Thursday September 13th at Chickakoo Lake has been RESCHEDULED to Tuesday September 25th.

If you have any questions please contact the Running Coaches, either Ms. Garrison at AGarrison@PSD70.ab.ca or Mr. Opatril at TOpatril@PSD70.ab.ca

Thank you.


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Mustang Kick Off BBQ

You are invited to attend the

Mustang Kick-Off

Wednesday September 12th

5 pm – 7 pm

Featuring the live entertainment of “Our Dog Sam”

Staff will be serving hot dogs for $2 each.

This is a great chance for parents and students to come together with staff to begin our new year

Everyone Welcome! 🙂 

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T1 CTF Course Registration Open

Please direct your grade 6 to 9 students to the link on the left side of the main blog page called CTF Option Course Registration – have them go to it and register for Term 1 CTF Courses prior to Friday September 7th OR simply go to https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfgiqDnOZFw2gF4uhI6es9uo0MCUhUaInKIfsM8896qX6dDsQ/viewform and fill in the registration form.
We encourage you to speak with your children about their choices and read the CTF Course Descriptions carefully and pick what they want – not what their friends are picking as we discourage switching as these courses are about exploring new avenues. Please note that some of the courses have fees attached to them and these fees will be automatically added to your child’s PowerSchool Account. CTF Option Course Descriptions can be found as a link on the the left side of the MLS Blog page or click this link https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Rif9UUpmLGQ1m0iGCLP0AkFu0WSHqIPk/view?usp=sharing.
Grade 6 Art with Ms Wayken on day 5 will be with students in group 1 this term and students in Art Group 2 & 3 will register for CTF courses. Students know which group they are in and their homeroom teachers also have a list posted. It is also important to be aware that Musical Theatre will run for 2 terms during terms 2 & 3, so if there is a grade 6 student wanting to be in Musical Theatre then he/she needs to check which art group they are in and speak to Ms Wayken so that changes can be made.
Thank you and always, should you have any questions please feel free to contact the office at 780-963-3535.
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Cross Country Running

Cross Country Running Club

When and Where?

  • September 13:        Hosted by Blueberry School at Chickakoo Lake
  • September 20:       Tomahawk School
  • September 27:       Woodhaven School
  • October 4:              Entwistle School
  • October 18:            Meridian Heights School

When Exactly? Races begin at 4 pm, starting with the youngest runners. Please arrive by 3:45 pm.

Parents of students in grades K-4 are required to accompany their child to their running location and they must stay and supervise their child in that location. This year, the cross country coaches are Mr.Opatril and Ms Garrison. Please find one of them as soon as you arrive at the race location. Your coaches will make sure you are signed in and have the correct name and race category label. Parents, you are welcome to leave after your child’s race, or feel free to stay and cheer on other Muir Lakers.

All registered Muir Lake Cross Country athletes need to attend all practices. Practices will be on Monday and Wednesday at lunch recess with Mr. Opatril and Ms Garrison.

Who?  Any child from Grade K-9. Parents are responsible for all transportation.

What?   Runners compete against children of the same gender and year of birth (eg. girls, 2005). The races are through trails or an established route through a schoolyard. It is considered to be an accomplishment just to finish the race; some medals and ribbons are given out to the fastest runners.

  • Born 2009-2011 runners run 800 m,
  • Born 2005-2008 runners run 1000 m
  • Born 2004 and older runners run 2000 m.

Cost?   $5.00 for each race registered. Fees cover costs of medals, ribbons etc.

Parents are asked to fill out the registration form online and submit payment ONLINE by September 10, 2018 to register for each race that your child(ren) would like to participate in.

To register for Cross Country Running this year you will need to log on to your PowerSchool Parent Portal and fill in the form accordingly.

Log on to the PowerSchool Parent Portal by going to https://powerschool.psd70.ab.ca/public

  • Select the “Student Fees” icon under the Navigation Screen at the left side of the page
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the Cross Country Running icon
  • When the form opens, fill it in accordingly and select the races that your child would like to participate in. Be sure to click “SUBMIT” in order to be registered. The fees will automatically be added to your child’s PowerSchool Account.

If you are registering multiple students, you will need to switch users by clicking into each child’s profile at the top of your screen to register each of them.

All students must have a permission form filled out in order to participate; please sign and return it to the school prior to the races.

For more information, please contact Ms. Garrison or Mr Opatril via email or at 780-963-3535.

Thank you,
Ms. Garrison – agarrison@psd70.ab.ac
Mr. Opatril – topatril@psd70.ab.ca

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