Muir Lake School Council

schoolcouncilCouncil Chair:  Christy Sherwood
Vice Chair:  Becca Duiker
Secretary:  Josie Nelson
Grade Representatives
Kindergarten:  Tara Filliol
Grade 1:  Katreena Gartly
Grade 2:  Crystal Klatt
Grade 3:  Tracey Cloutier
Grade 4:  Cathy Saker
Grade 5:  Theresa Bisgard 
Grade 6:  Kimberly Calvert
Grade 7:  Nikki Donovan
Grade 8:  Lori McCrimmon
Grade 9:  Lynn Lauf
Foundation:  Maureena Goerz
Fundraising & Hot Lunches:

The Muir Lake School Council’s main goal is to represent you!  Our role as a committee is to bring forward the questions, concerns, ideas and accolades that we as parents have so they can be discussed at our meetings which are the second teaching Monday of each month.  Thus, we need to hear from you — the parents.  Our committee feels that we need better communication between parents and the school so a number of Parent Council initiatives will have that directive.  The school council email address is  which can be a point of contact to suggest agenda items.  The minutes are available on the school’s blog and website.

We try to keep all meetings to one hour so they are productive and enjoyable and we invite all of our parents to join us at a School Council meeting and help us create and maintain a safe and fun environment that empowers our children to be leaders within our community.

School Council Constitution
Foundation Bylaws
School Council and Fundraising Society Comparison
Fundraising Guidelines

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  1. If you would like you can forward it on to me and I will get it to him. Thanks Lynn

  2. Hi, how do I get in touch with Daniel by email?
    I have a fundraiser program idea to share at the next meeting. Or can I request that it goes on the agenda?

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