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At Muir Lake School we value leadership in our students.  Opportunities for leadership help to foster independence and confidence in our students.  Although, each classroom provides many opportunities for students to demonstrate his or her leadership abilities, we also believe that students should be given the opportunity to lead in areas that impact the entire school community.  These are roles that the students are given the opportunity to apply for and commit to for a term.  At the completion of a term, the student’s leadership role is complete.  We will then ask that students apply again to continue their role or to try a new role.   Please review the following leadership opportunities at Muir Lake School.  If you feel like you could accept the responsibility of one or more of these roles, fill out the application form by clicking on this link.  

Crosswalk Leaders:

As a crosswalk leader you will be responsible for guiding pedestrians safely across the road as the busses and parents are dropping students off in the morning.  You will need to be able to get to school by 7:40am, so that you are here in time.

Lunch Leaders:

As a lunch leader you will be assigned a classroom to go and help hand out hot lunch and fundraising lunch.  You will eat with the students, helping them with whatever they may need.  As well you can read or play games with them once lunch is finished.

Announcement Leaders

We need dedicated people with a strong ability to speak clearly to read our morning announcements.  If you think this is you, please apply!

Playground Leaders

We have great students here at Muir Lake.  We want to recognize our leaders on the playground.  If you think you can help us do this, please apply!

Tech Team Leaders:

This position is reserved for those students in grade 7-9 who wish to demonstrate their leadership abilities in relation to technology in the school.  Your role will include helping teachers out with assemblies, assisting with technology in the school and anything else that may be needed.  You will be the “experts” in the building.

Leadership Application Form


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  1. Hello, to apply for announcements, you need to go to the “Leadership” Home page and then scroll down and click on the Leadership Application form. Announcement leaders are for students in grade 4 and up.

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