Google Ninja Dojo

Welcome to the Google Apps Ninja Dojo! In Japanese Dojo means “place of the way”. Here you will find your way to becoming a Google Apps Ninja Master.

There are a few Google Apps categories that you must master in order to become a true Google Apps Ninja Master at Muir Lake School. In each category there are four belts to achieve in order to becoming a Master Ninja.

The Google Apps categories are:

  1. Search
  2. Drive
  3. Calendars
  4. Gmail

In order to become a Google Ninja Master in each of these four Google Apps categories, there are four levels of ranks you must achieve:

  1. White Belt: must achieve 80% on the White Belt test in all Google Apps categories
  2. Green Belt: must achieve 80% on the White Belt test and the Green Belt test in all Google Apps categories
  3. Black Belt: must achieve 80% on the White Belt test, Green Belt test and the Black Belt test in all Google Apps categories
  4. Master Ninja: must achieve 80% on the White Belt test, Green Belt, Black Belt test and the Master Ninja test in all Google Apps categories

What’s the purpose?  To help students learn how to use Google Apps for Education in order to enable them to help staff and students get the most out of their learning.

What’s with the tests? The quizzes are not meant to trick you! In most cases, the answers can easily be found in the training materials. Much of the training materials are the same ones used by Google to certify teachers and trainers: Google Apps for Education Training. The real purpose is to find students within our school who are willing to search and find answers. The answers are not the outcome… the search skills are. The goal is to develop the skills to be able to self train, problem solve, and train others.

How should I do this? Since it is about finding the answers, not memorizing them, feel free to open one tab with the test, and another tab to search for the answers. No closed book tests! Be a ninja… get the answer any way you can. If you don’t pass the test the first time, don’t worry, just try again!

What order should I do it in? Do it in any order that you like. Just make sure that in each category you follow the order of the belt ranking: White Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt, Master Ninja.

How am I recognized as a Google Ninja? You will receive coloured Google Ninja badge to match the level that you achieve. Also click this link Current Ninja Rankings to view who has completed each Ninja ranking.

Are you ready to become a Ninja Master?

Kudos and thanks to Jeff Utech, founder and creator of the Google Apps Ninja Program.

Dojo giving you trouble? Contact us!


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