Artists in Residence Performance at MLS

Muir Lake School is excited to welcome Evergreen Theatre!

The kindergarten to grade 5 students will be participating in a week-long artist in residency from May 6-10. These drama experts will be working with students to create a performance tying together drama and science.

Students will work alongside artists to create performances about different parts of their science curriculum. Students will learn skills in creating performances. They will also have the opportunity to perform for their peers and their family and friends.Tickets will be available in the office starting April 29th for $5 each for the Friday May 10th performances

  • 200 tickets will be available for the 1:15pm performance
  • 450 tickets will be available for the 6:00pm performance

Special thanks to our Muir Lake Community School Foundation for sponsoring this exciting event

Opportunity for MLS Artists

Mindful Living Magazine has approached MLS and offered an exciting opportunity for some artists within our school. They have requested a selection of students’ art that may be selected to be used in their magazine over the next few months. Students’ names will not appear on the art and pictures will be randomly selected by the magazine. Currently, there are several beautiful snowmen and winter pictures around the school and we will just send a small selection to the magazine to choose from.

Mindful Living is a free publication that is available around Parkland County that focuses on mindful, health living.

If you have any objections of us possibly sending your child’s art to the magazine, please let us know by Friday, December 18 by either calling the school at 780-963-3535 or email us at This opportunity may extend throughout the year to include artwork of healthy living etc.

Thank you,
L Wagner