Beaver Dam Dangers

Please be careful of the THIN ICE! Reposting this as a reminder.

The owners of the property behind Muir Lake School have asked us to pass this along to you as a precaution . . .

Below the snow is ice and water, while some of the water is shallow, some of it can be quite deep; especially near the Beaver Dam.  The beavers require the water to be at least 4 feet deep to adequately build a dam and survive under water through the winter, with our mild winter thus far the ice has not yet frozen thick enough for it to be safe to walk on. With this depth of water and thin ice a person could easily be in danger of falling through and drowning. They are requesting that no one walk on any of the flooded areas.  If you would like to observe the beavers, please do so from a safe distance. 

Although our students have been advised that they need permission to be on the property after school hours, we find it necessary to remind you of the dangers and ask that everyone be respectful of the Jespersen’s request to insure everyone’s safety. Technically if you are on the property after school hours you are trespassing. Should you wish to obtain permission to be on the property, please contact Derek Jespersen directly at 780-819-0164.

Thank you for your consideration and understanding while we continue to insure the safety of our families.