Critical Thinking – Grade 6 Language Arts

Investigating a Picture

Becoming quite skilled at using clues to create conclusions, the grade sixes then started their investigations of pictures (illustrations and photographs).  The critical challenges have the students using the conclusions they draw from the clues in the photos to estimate the time the pictures depict (time of day, day of the week, month, year), as well as make judgments about what happened just before the picture was taken.  The final step will be to use the same tools to help create a thoughtful story based around the picture.

Lesson Plan (in Word)

Lesson Plan for Smartboard (in SMART Notebook)

Critical Thinking – Grade 6 Social Studies

Investigating a Cartoon

Using the concepts of “Clues and Conclusions”, the grade sixes worked through a series of critical thinking lessons to enhance their investigating and inferring skills.  By using evidence found in political cartoons (as well as their own background knowledge), they created reasoned judgments about the cartoonists’ intents or messages.  They then used their skills to judge and create effective captions.

Lesson Plan (in Word)

Lesson for Smartboard (in SMART Notebook)