Jumpstart Funding for Play Parkland

Muir Lake School will participate in the PLAY Parkland for this school year.  This exciting adventure takes place at the Trans Alta Tri Leisure Centre (TLC) 8 times during the semester on Tuesdays.  The students will experience; aquatics, dry land sports, skating lessons and gymnastics.

We are delighted to share with you that we’ve struck a partnership with the Canadian Tire Jumpstart program to enhance the physical literacy and sports development of our students.

Jumpstart states that, “Participating in sport helps kids develop physical and social skills.  It helps build self-esteem. By helping kids get into the game, we’re equipping them with determination. And we’re giving them confidence that will extend beyond practices and games. No kid should be left on the sidelines but in Canada 1 in 3 families cannot afford to enroll their kids in organized sports. That’s almost 750,000 kids every year who want to play, but just can’t.”

Through our partnership, we will be able to support additional school-based programming and equipment that will help all students participate in a wide variety of physical activities. We are thankful to Canadian Tire for their important work in helping support all children and youth in our community so that everyone can live a healthy, active life.

At this time, the program will include all of our Muir Lake students from grades 3 to 6. The total cost for this program is $40 per child and includes transportation to and from the Tri/school.

Please download & complete this form then return it to the school office by September 25, 2018 regardless of whether you want assistance or not.

We are very excited for this opportunity with JumpStart. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher or Mrs. Garley in the office.


IMPORTANT Change to the Hot Lunch Program

Due to lack of volunteers with the hot lunch program, there are some changes that needed to be made to the number of days that lunch will be offered to the students.

  • Our Monday/Wednesday kindergarten class along with our grades 1, 3, 5, 7 & 9 students will have the opportunity to order for Wednesdays
  • The Tuesday/Thursday kindergarten class and the grades 2, 4, 6, & 8 students will be able to order for Thursdays
  • Then on Fridays all of the grades 1 to 9 students will be able to order a specialty soup

As this is a significant change from previous years, please ensure that your children have lunches on the other days and that your calendars are marked accordingly.

Also . . . for the month of October . . . there was a timing issue of when lunches were ordered vs. when the schedule for Play Parkland went out – if you ordered Fundraising Lunch for your grade 3, 4, 5, or 6 student for any of the Mondays in October, and they are scheduled to attend Play Parkland that day they will NOT receive their lunch in time before they leave on the bus. Please be sure to send a lunch for them that day as we are governed by Alberta Food Handling Guidelines and are not allowed to keep food for later delivery.

  • Monday, October 16 – Grade 3 & 4 to Play Parkland
  • Monday, October 23 – Grade 5 & 6 to Play Parkland
  • Monday, October 30 – Grade 3 & 4 to Play Parkland

We apologize for the mix up and thank you in advance for your co-operation with this matter.


WE Scare Hunger!


Last year the MLS We Care Team very proudly loaded 440 pounds of donated food which was then delivered to the Parkland Food Bank.

The School’s We Care Team has launched their We Scare Hunger Campaign to collect food and personal items for the Parkland Food Bank. Please, if you can, send some non-perishable food items in to your child’s class, the food drive will continue through the month of October.

Thank you for your contribution!

Caregiver Series Parent Info Session

Parkland School Division has put together the “Caregiver Series” of Parent Information sessions. They are excited to offer Strong Families Building Healthy Brains: How Caregivers can Support Children and Adolescents

In this session you will learn how to support basic brain development throughout the school years. Come away with tools and strategies to support your child’s health, happiness and school success.

Date:  January 26, 2016
Time:  6:00 – 7:30 pm
Location: Parkland School Division Office, 4603-48 Street Stony Plain
Board Room

Session is free of charge and Childcare is Available ~ A light supper will be provided

Please register by emailing
SGoldschmidt@psd70.ab.ca or by
calling 780 963 8458