Get Your Library Card

Great news! Stony Plain Public Library, in partnership with Muir Lake School, is providing FREE public library cards to students. A library card is a great way to support your child’s literacy and learning and foster a love of reading. Here are four great reasons to sign your child up for a library card today:

  1. Stony Plain Public Library has books and databases to help with homework.
  2. Stony Plain Public Library offers tons of FREE programs for your child.
  3. Where else can you get FREE movie and music streaming, video games, DVDs, CDs, e-books, and digital magazines for the whole family?
  4. Save yourself a trip! Just send back the completed application form and we’ll do the rest.

Fill out THIS FORM to sign your child up for a free library card, or to inform the library of any change in your child’s membership information (phone number, address, email, etc). Note that the form must be signed by a parent or guardian. Please return the form to Muir Lake School when it is filled out. We will create the cards and deliver them straight to your child’s classroom.

If the rest of your family would like to register for free library cards, you can drop by the library at any time!


Parkland Sleep Study

Adequate sleep helps children to have more energy and learn better in school. However, children nowadays sleep much less than children did 20 years ago. A team from the School of Public Heath at the University of Alberta are interested in how well children in the Parkland School Division sleep. We would like to invite you and your Grade 4 or 5 child to participate in this study. Your participation may help us determine what helps children sleep better.

Information packages have been distributed to our grade 4 and 5 students. We ask that you take a look at it, fill out the consent form and return it to the school no later than Friday October 14th. 

Thank you